23 January 2011

discover me discovering you.

"out with the old, in with the new."

that's the one thing that always comes to mind whenever i think about stepping into a new year.

2011, another year gone and a new one arrives; this calls for the need to return to my same-old "catch phrase" that i use for my new year's posts every year: time passes me by ever so fast. sometimes i wonder where all that time has gone to. has it ever made you wonder why it feels like time just gets shorter as we grow older? i see people posting statuses on Facebook demanding for 48 / 72 / 54675156451 more hours in a day just because they don't have enough time for this or that.

but let's start with Honesty here if you have that on your new year's resolutions list: we all know that we just need to organize our time properly and stick to it. :P

i know i haven't been blogging at all like how i promised i would, and technically i've literally skipped posting in december because there isn't much to talk about and my december was shaky as i struggled on with some personal things going on inside my complicated little head, but alas i have a responsibility to my readers (if i still have any that is, hehe) so i've decided to update my blog once again just in case anybody decides to read it.

but in any case:


i was reliving memories in 2010, and i dare say that it's been one of the most unforgettable years of my life. so many things have changed, and yet many have stayed the same. i laughed, cried, and loved so much more. more friends have left, and yet so much more has come.

it's always like that, isn't it? people always leave.

but then again i realise that sometimes, some people don't.

the phenomenon of life's contradictions. sometimes you just can't go with just one theory because there will always be others to prove it wrong.

"Constantly Changing", right? ;)

i secretly wished for 2010 to stay, because i had one of the best fun and laughs that i know i'll remember for the rest of my life. however, Happiness is for one to create and maintain. it took me quite a while to understand and adjust to that, and it's even harder to assure myself during the darker days that eventually comes and leaving me high and dry. but i'm going to try, no matter what it takes.

there's always the rainbow after the rain, yeah?

yeah, optimistic outlook towards life FTW. \m/

i do, however, have to inform my readers that one of the main reasons why i haven't been blogging so much (if any at all at times) is that i realised that i've become a more private person. i remembered being one of those people who always wanted to put myself out there, giving the public a deeper insight into my life regardless of who they may be. i used to enjoy the attention, to be honest; i loved knowing that there are people out there who cared to read about my life and what goes on in it.

however, as i grow with time, i gradually came to understand that sometimes there are certain dangers in which i do not foresee and there are certain limits of which i have to pay attention to when it comes to disclosing my private life to the public. learning about the internet and what it can do has definitely made me understand how powerful of a tool it is for everyone - and anyone - who has access to it.

therefore, i write less about what's going on in my life because so much more have become so personal to me, and i wish to treasure that only to myself and those i keep close to my heart.

i do miss blogging a lot though, because i feel that it's the only output for my thoughts and opinions. unlike most people who prefer a faster and more convenient way of expressing themselves (i.e Facebook statuses & Twitter updates), i still prefer blogging since it has a wider platform for my freedom of expression. i'm not a person who talks a lot, but when it comes down to the things in my brain, it may shock people.

come to think of it, this personal blog site of mine has been with me since 2007 - so technically this old puppy's four years old. applaud applaud for my trusty little blog site. :) my loyal readers would know that starting from my oldest post and ending here at the most recent one, you can definitely tell how much my writing style has changed and grown over the years; i've dropped some styles and picked up/developed a few more - some i wish i could maintain and others i was happy to be rid of.

but overall i'd say that it makes me feel warm to be able to see the revolution of my works and my writings.

well hopefully i'll have more to write about soon in the future, and maybe i'll have a couple or more posts lined up for my readers this month.

but here's a thank you post, for those who've stayed with me throughout the years that i have blogged.

a toast, to so much more. :)

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