12 November 2010


sometimes i struggle, not knowing what to do.

i tell myself "it's a phase",
but is it really?

all this,
things that's been pushing me downward


sometimes i wish i knew what was going on;

what's draining my mind
what's pushing my heart into the dark
what's pulling me away from my safety zone.

i go to bed at night,

hoping to get a glimpse
a touch
a breath of what is real.

but now it feels shaky,
the ground beneath me rumbling

breaking into pieces
forcing me to hold on.

hold on
hold on
hold on

it feels so hard trying to,

when all i could ever wish for

is just for those two hands to hold me tight

for just one night

and make everything okay again.

my energy slipping away,

sometimes it's hard to do this alone

you know?

but i pray

i pray.