01 November 2010

gold is fleeting.

you don't hear from me for a month and suddenly, out of nowhere, here i am: up and blogging in the early hours of 6 in the morn.

but just a quickie this time round because classes are in a bit.

october has gone by in a flash and we stop to take a look around, realising that we've already reached the second last month of 2010.

one of the many things i will remember about waking up early to catch the ride to uni: a view from the seats at the last row inside our mini-van.

it's funny how things change, as of many things in life do.

and the way that we tend to go back to the beginning and reminisce from then on;

i still remember the day we naively stepped into our first day of college life,

the way i struggled at the beginning of my first semester as a 1st year degree student, fear still lingering upon every inch of my breath as i pictured all the challenges that are placed before me,

and now alas, i'm finishing my second semester and completing my first year degree.

how much older i feel, regardless if i have only grown just a little more since then.

NatashaAwesomeSim, hanging around at the new near the lakeside at campus in the evenings.

to say that i have grown alone would be an understatement;

so much of us have sprouted along.

some have it easy, some learned it the hard way.

but regardless of all the things that have happened, we fought our way through. doing it solo and doing it together. it still amazes me how much could change in a year, how people loved and lost, how we let go and let live.

>meen and natasha, just chillin' in the evenings while we wait for the traffic to subside.

views from the lakeside.

sometimes i lay in bed thinking whether i should be glad or sad about the year ending. the year hadn't been the easiest, but it's definitely one of the most eventful, i'd say.

if only i knew the right words to put it.

so many things to talk about, but so little time.


time for uni, more updates coming your way (soon, hopefully).

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