08 August 2010

Put your hands on the monkey, take your hands off the money.

after M.i.A for a long while, i'm finally back for another round of updates! yes i know, i haven't been updating for a long time now. there's no specific reason, to be honest. life has just been a little bit too hectic for me to update on anything that's been going on.

semester 2 has proven to be more theoretical AND hands-on than the first semester. we're doing four subjects like semester 1 but this time round we're having a course of Media Literacies and Global Societies (mainly opinion-based papers) together with Introduction to Digital Media, and Issues in Publication and Design. the latter two sounded pretty exciting until we scanned through the assignments and requirements lol.

we only have a tiny inkling as to how stressful this term would be, but in ms jenny's words: if you think semester 1 was tough, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet.

i've been haunted by that line ever since.


above: gyuniku no yasai maki (beef and vegetable rolls);
below: szechuan hot and sour soup.

ever since i got back, i managed to make these two dishes that i've been wanting to make for quite a while. my determination and with the support from The Dragon, everything went okay; i managed the beef and vegetable rolls quite well, even though it didn't taste as good as when i did it back at home. and my hot and sour soup was neither as hot nor as sour as the originals. nevertheless, they weren't big flops either so all went quite okay.

with more practice in the kitchen i might be able to handle these without having to check the recipes the next time. : )


my kick-ass germany converse shoes!

i've been going on about how much i wanted these pair of beauties before i went back home during the holidays - but now that i've returned to The City, these were knicked off the shelves the day that i got back.

couldn't help it, i was worried that someone else might knick it off the shelves before i got to them first hehe. the red laces pwns all! \m/


i paid my senior friends a visit the other day and had the best home-cooked filipino food everrrr. ATE I MISS THE KARE KARE AND JEANNE I MISS THE SPICY SINIGANG OMGAH! *dies*

homemade sinigang!

i have an unexplainable and undying love for international foods, and the moment i tried this back at home for the first time, it just kept me begging for moreeeee. *salivates* hehe.


and here comes my very random outfit update:

who dat gurl?

wei wen randomly picked this off the rack while we were shopping around at the mall. it didn't look like anything when it was hanging there amongst other clothes but surprisingly this was what happened when i put them on.

yes. there's a lady hidden beneath all of what you see on the outside. :P unfortunately it costs a mind-blowing RM114 so i couldn't get it. T_T

and say hello to the newest addition to my statement tees - OMG WTF.

hehehe i love this shirt to bits. it doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary because i keep smiling, but it's hilarious when one attempts to keep a straight face when wearing this around, i'll give ya that.

*note: new Eye of Ra necklace. my life is complete.


i went on a massive house-cleaning mode today and finally cleaned and cleared all the things that i've been dying to rearrange and clean around the house.

my area on the fridge top: it used to be filled with plastic bags of garlic and onions and plastic containers with a thickened layer of dust. now everything inedible is dumped away and all my containers are cleaned out and my bottles of condiments are rearranged. : )

my shelf: rearranged and dusted off of any dust particle that lived amongst my things. quite a few of unwanted things were thrown away to make space for the things that i'm keeping. some of my books are rearranged too to make more space for other things. the bottom shelf is cleared of most of the things that are not needed for display so my new toiletries can snuggle perfectly in their new spacious comfort zone.

and i love the way my daisy fits the green background of my G705 box. :D

the space beneath the windows: this place was so infested with junk and dust i swear i always cringe at the sight of it. i had loads of papers and files in a couple of bags that are optimum habitats for those darn dust bunnies infesting the area. i cleared all the unwanted papers and books and stuffed them in one bag and had them kept outside while i made use of the two converse shoe boxes i had and filled it with the things in the *insanely dusty converse plastic* bag that originally contained my trinkets.

what's left of all of that now is my laptop bag with the files and notebooks, an extra checkered bag, two converse shoe boxes (containing electronic things and trinkets respectively) and my guitar. : )

an overall look of my room. (yes i'll be needing a small stool for my laptop Devin so she won't have to sit on my bed, heating unnecessary spots up all the time)

my wall and table: used notebooks are cleared off the table and dusted, with most stuff taken off the walls, keeping only those that mean a lot to me. additional meaningful things are displayed and rearranged to fit nicely.

the newest addition to the wall:

"be the change you want to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi.

another proud accomplishment would be the clearing of unwanted clothes from my cupboard. i'm planning to donate or recycle the clothes that i no longer wear so i placed them all into a gigantic bag and had them labelled for donation. my cupboard's still pretty packed but at least it's less dusty and it no longer has unwanted clothes piling in them.

i think i'm actually going to draft out a cleaning time-table for myself just so i can keep my place cleaner every day. i just realised that staying on the 17th floor of the building gives my room 100% access for huge amounts of dust particles to fly in from the highways outside into my room. what's more, my area's right next to the window so you can go figure how dusty it could get in a day. and with the rate of my hair falls, it's outrageous.

any household tips that you know that can help keep rooms sparkling clean all day? do share! :)


found this lovely duo online earlier and i got hooked with their music within seconds:

two loons for tea.

my entry title is inspired from their song "Monkey". an instant love, i assure you. :)


random question: why is it that my hair is perfect when i'm bumming around at home but it goes totally haywire the minute i decide to go out? someone please enlighten me.

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