13 July 2010

steal me.

and i am back from the dead. LOL

first and foremost, i'd like to apologize for the lack of updates for the past month. so much has been going around i could hardly juggle between things nowadays. i occasionally check my blog but seldom really have the time to update it properly. however, i'd like to thank those who have kept with my blog for so long and i want to thank a specific anonymous who wrote to me on my Cbox.

this update's for you mate. :)


so what have i been up to recently? well i couldn't possibly explain each and every detail because despite having only a month pass me by, things have been crazy - and that's an understatement. i don't even know where to begin to be honest, because so much has happened and so much has changed.

tiff came down to malaysia for a visit during her summer holidays and she stayed over at my place for two days.

it felt really good to have her around, even for only a while. we haven't seen each other for two years, so being reunited felt really good and things haven't changed between us. :) we spoke for the most part, and shared a few secrets or two. ;) it's amazes me how much has happened in our lives and how much we've grown to learn about them as well.

with the world cup fever slowly toning down, i have GOT to get myself these pair on converse shoes. mine have bored holes already anyway (that's what i get for wearing them 24/7) and i really need a new pair. i found this gorgeous pair in the stores but unfortunately for me, they're under the world cup series so it might be off the shelves really quick. especially when this pair belongs to the germany team, and judging by my facebook germany has gotten themselves a LOT of die hard fans.

i'm just crossing my fingers hoping that it's still there because i REALLY want these pair of black and reds.

i've been home for the past two weeks or so. it's been really good (although not as relaxing as i'm still up and about, running errands for The Mother). i really miss how the beach is just a few minutes within reach here. all i had to do was drop by the supermarket on my way there to pick up some biscuits and a bottle of Minute Maid, and then head down to the beach to chill and think and relax for a bit.

i've been hanging out with The Sister quite a bit as well too. she may be a pain in the backside but at least she's starting to grow up a bit more and understand things. i'm pretty proud of her to say the least, for growing up and learning things on her own now. the sisterly bond was a bit awkward at first, i admit, since we never really do talk to each other at all when i was around, but nowadays it seemed appropriate that we should have a head start.

i miss her whiny annoying little ass.

totally random: my baby milo turned a month old last 28th! :)

bought him a lil cupcake with a candle to celebrate the baby shower haha. ^_^
(i don't care if i'm twenty i still like little things like this hehe, and p/s milo is one of the closest things i have to my heart)

i finally managed to have my first sinigang at the filipino restaurant that i was dying to go to since forever. it blew my mind away really, it tastes really divine. 8-D just THINKING about it makes me want more even!

it makes me wonder how the other half's would taste like. :)

i spent my last weekend heading down to brunei for some sushi.

people have always been raving about the cheap and awesome sushi down at Escapades so i pretty much rolled on the ground a couple of times while begging for my mum to bring me there.

so far it's pretty good. i don't get the whole ZOMGSUSHISOGOOODOKAY craze but it was better than most sushis i've had so far in Malaysia. the ones at Escapade was frighteningly huge so it was satisfying.

i just really wanted to have the ebiko since it's my favourite. wished i had the dragon with me though, she would've loved it there. :)

come to think about it, most of my holidays that were spent with friends were with these two monkeys.

i haven't seen CharT for over a year and Sarah for quite some time as well. it felt really good catching up with them since our sense of humor click quite well, and i was glad that none of that changed - we could still laugh about really stupid and lame things and throw sarcasm at each other like hot cakes. whoopah! i'm really going to miss them lots when i head back to KL.

more updates in the kitchen and my cooking adventures!

i know that i promised to make more dishes than this but i don't know why i just didn't manage to. hehe. the one that i managed to succeed in making was Gyuniku no Yasai Maki (Beef and Vegetable Rolls). i never expected myself to try out a Japanese recipe but it turned out quite well. it wasn't awesome, but it was definitely satisfying. :)

and guess who's the lucky girl who gets to try this out this weekend? hehe. ;)

the 20th witching hour would be up this coming friday. to be honest i'm pretty excited, even though i keep forgetting about it haha! yeah i know, i never thought i'd see the day when i can actually forget that my birthday's just around the corner. XD i guess when your mind thinks about something more than yourself, this happens. ;)

and i've been thinking about a few things recently. i'm leaving home this friday as well and i know that i'm really going to miss home as usual. everything i have is at home and everyone i love is back here too. family has always been the closest to my heart and no one can replace them in my heart...

but i also realised that i miss these bunch of people too.

when you have two bunch of people who you're really close to, and they just happen to be in two separate places, you would start to question yourself and where your heart is.

people always said that "Home is where the Heart is", but what happens when your heart is in both places at once? does that mean you're not loyal to your Home or does that mean your Home is somewhere else? it lead me to thinking that Home is not where the Heart is, but to believe that, rather, Home is WHEREVER the Heart is.

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