02 April 2010

Maybe we could sleep in, making banana pancakes.

first and foremost i'd like to thank those who have voted on my poll on the sidebar regarding the continuation of my blogging. thanks so much for the support loves, whoever you may be! : ) i have 3 readers who voted against my blogging though and usually that's the cue for me to stop, but somehow there are those who have been sweet enough to leave me a note in the Cbox to tell me to keep blogging.

a big huge thank you, to those who have cared. : )

there's still lots more time to vote - so keep them coming in if you want to read more. : )

university life is so much more stressful than i expected it to be. when the seniors said it's utterly suffocating, they weren't exaggerating! :O but i guess it's all the research, referencing and deadlines that make it unbearable - having to upload all the work on two different websites gets pretty frustrating at times. : \

owh well, guess that's just university life for us. to be honest though, we could probably do better without the procrastination (admit it, we all facebook too much!) but in a way it can't be helped anyway - we are human after all! :P

i've received a mail from wendy's the other day.

turned out that they sent over four coupons and a letter saying that i could redeem a free burger because i took part in their new burger tasting survey the other day. pretty awesome doncha think? : )

one free wendy's single Mushroom Melt Burger! :D

too bad that they only have it on the menu for a limit time though.

somehow fast food outlets don't seem that bad anymore. \=)

it was mark's birthday on the 20th, so meen and i decided to knock him down with a surprise at the stroke of midnight. we brought along cakes as well just to set in the mood. :D

needless to say he was rendered to tears with our affectionate gesture.

meen helping mark to light up candles.

guess who's twenty? :)

chillin' and eatin'.

on that same night, i attended my first concert ever...

... and who better to take away my concert virginity than Zee Avi? :D

the official zee avi concert in Kuala Lumpur!

the passes to see Z ah V.

needless to say that it was BREATHTAKING. zee avi was naturally wonderful, talented, funny, witty, gorgeous, and everything divine!! all her songs were beautifully presented and she was so relaxed with the crowd and interacting with them - it was an absolute experience!

and it left me in tears as well when she kept repeating how good it felt to be back home in Malaysia. when she thanked her dad and presented him with her record label on stage it was a moment to die for. i bit my lip and tried not to cry because it was such a touching moment.

i'm just glad that my first concert experience was an indie one. i wonder if she'll ever hold a concert in miri as well? she should imho. : )

i've been learning a dish or two from ols bawls recently.

the infamous peanut butter chicken.

and i didn't even know it goes well with spaghetti! :D

i think he just sparked the whole cooking craze again - and he makes it seem all so easy! peanut butter chicken was a blast, and chili chicken was refreshing. i'm tempted to make them and practice as much as i can.

michellious is back in the kitchen yo! B )

i'm probably going to have to move very soon since the School of Communication is moving to the new lakeside campus in may.

thing is, i don't even have a new place to stay yet. :( sigh.

this is turning to be quite a fuss, really. : \

officially going back for cousin jane's wedding in may,

seeing the lovely tiffo in june (please owh please let it be!!),


finally meeting up with one of the greatest friends i've ever made.

crazy hectic things to look forward to, i'd say. : )