24 April 2010

Define my mind, my body is too curious. So won't you show me all there is to know?

working it all out at the lakeside library (do excuse the horrendous facial expression LOL).

it's the mid-sem holidays again but our scheduled are so packed with assignments that we can't even find time for a breather! time's almost running out as i type type type away and i'm still here procrastinating!

this is baaaaad.

BUT! i figured that since i needed to update my blog (given that it's been rotting on the web for quite some time hehe), it's a good reason to take my mind off work for a bit. : ) just going to do a mash-up of the things i've been interested in though, since there isn't anything awesome to blog about recently.

lil miss sophie michelle ellis-bextor. :)

sophie ellis-bextor is making a comeback and i can barely contain my excitement! i've always loved sophie's eccentric nu-disco music ever since her single "murder on the dance floor" became a hit. i watched her newest one the other day while filming our project at sheena's place and i squealed so hard.

can't wait until her latest album comes out in july/august! :D

Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Bittersweet"

i've never been much of an americon idol fan ever since kelly clarkson's victory back in 2002, but the 9th season that's been airing on TV isn't too bad. i have a feeling that maybe a couple of the new ones have more potential than the winners of previous seasons.

my favourite girls bowersox and magnus are left standing, and to be honest i can't really vote for one girl because that'd contradict with the equal love i have for the other. bowersox and magnus both give me the goosebumps when they perform, so whoever wins this season i don't really mind. as long as the winner is one of the two then i'm good to go.

i've really gotten into the spirit though: i even have the wallpapers up just to support them. :D

crystal bowersox the indie chic.

siobhan magnus the quirky woman with an outrageously good voice.

click for the larger image and save them to be used as wallpaper(1280x800)!

another interest that i've recently developed is football.

yes. football.

it's never been my thing, since i never understood the passion that most football fans have while watching a game: all that screaming when their respective teams scores a goal or the intensive cursing when they lose one.

the other day i decided to drop the ignorance and look up some of the videos on YouTube to see what the game was about. i was a bit amazed myself; never was i so intrigued by their teamwork and their ability to get the ball into the goal with such precision even when a herd of players from the opposite team were swarming them.

i wondered at the way they handled the ball so accurately and with ease - i had my first session of futsall the other day and i can't even handle it when there's just ONE person blocking me!

so which team have i decided to pledge my loyalty upon?

barcelona fc.

barca managed to keep me interested so far and so has the brazil FC too. is it just me or do they look like they're dancing when they play? i don't know about you but i find them really graceful when they're on the field.

did some shooting the other day and we had our pictures taken for the closing credits. it was pretty fun and all of us had pretty awesome pictures taken.

yours truly.

amber lil khoo.

dixie chic.

meen (and the ke$ha side of her)

sheena the queen bee.

marko darko.

wei wen the beaver.

so many assignments left to do - i think i might just go crazy! but nevertheless, it's something that we have to put up with for the next three years, so why whine right. *zips

i should be heading back to my assignments but before i do so, i will leave my dear readers with a bunch of awesome outfits and clothes i found on LookBook. i miss rummaging through those awesome pictures - to think that i have forgotten them for a while!!

simplicity at its finest! love the quilt!

awesome top and gorgeous combat boots!

there's just something about this picture and her top. oui oui indeed!

that blazer and those shoes!!

somehow i find myself attracted to them bootz.

crop jacket crop jacket crop jacket love.

the bag and the floral tights!


the hair, the jacket, the boots, and the bag. what's there NOT to love about this? :D

bootz and blazers kick ass.

i love that top. like, seriously how can you not? oh and her hair too. :D

so greek!

floral dresses are divine!

love this look. so simple! :)

constance v. never fails to make me oogle.

plaids + vest + leggings + converse = feminine awesomeness. \m/

don't you just love the redness! ^_^

country love. :)

reminds me of that girl from our class for some reason, minus the blue dye in the hair. :P

bag and shoes. bag and shoes!

baggy clothes are love.

source: Look Book.

till then, have an awesome rest of the week! : )

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