06 March 2010

Not because she tried to fight it.

it's been wayyy too long since i've last done a blog post. my deepest apologies, my dear readers! i didn't mean to neglect my blog like this; i've never gone through a day without posting up at least 3 posts, but since last year and up til now, my lack of discipline to blog has proven to have gotten worse. :O but then again, i really can't find anything interesting to blog about anymore.

i've put up a poll at the sidebar asking people to vote, whether i should stick to blogging or just give up and so far only 2 have voted me to stop, but i'm going to make it official and say that if i get another vote for me to stop blogging (meaning if i get 3 votes out of the overall votes), i might just stop blogging towards the end of the year (or maybe even in june).

start sending in protests to my email if you wish to read more. :)

i finally got back to the over-populated land of KL on the 22nd. degree has been going on for the past week already. as much as i am excited about this, it's been stressing me out to no end. i have yet to figure out what Communication: Rhetoric & Reasoning and Communication, Science and Society are all about.

Effective Communication (a.k.a Performing Arts) seems pretty fun so far, but the one i'm more worried about is the Public Relations 1 classes. not only we have an absolutely impossible lecturer to begin with, i need the extra work. :S nevertheless, i'm trying to enjoy the subject at the same time because without it, it's just going to be impossible for me to get comfy with the subject.

we celebrated meen's 19th last sunday at alexis' in bangsar. it was pretty awesome: good food good company. :) i really love hanging out at alexis', even though it's slightly pricier than average. nonetheless, the food is fantastically good (as always) so it's worth every cent in my pocket.

i had the bread and butter pudding, in memory of the woman who first introduced it to me upon my first visit to alexis'. :) it's pretty filling, but it was orgasmic all the same. <3

all of us had a shot each (what's a birthday without shots eh? *winks*). this time it was kamikaze for everyone! to start off the new semester with. :)

cheer to a new year! :)

graffiti around the bangsar area. i found it kinda cute. hehe. :)

i've been out with the bunch quite frequently, but the more i do the more i keep worrying about my financial limitations. i've been thinking about picking up a job as well but then that would mean juggling between work and studying. i'm not sure if i'd want to risk my time like that. :S

hmm decisions decisions.

speaking of which, i spent the past two days with the Arabian Princess, running around and looking for things to bag. she was awesome enough to bring me out for a stroll or two. we talked about certain things and she took a whole bunch load of stuff off my chest. :) she brought me around her usual haunts as well so i could get away from my daily bleak activities.

that's how i found out that they finally have a shop at One U selling my favourite rock candy from australia! om nom nom nom nom! but too bad they're expensive though, would've gladly gotten myself a bottle to savour in. <3

it feels nostalgic to be here again and seeing everyone back in university, but i still miss home nonetheless. as much as i like being in KL with everything within reach, i still miss the quiet atmosphere and relaxing sensation back at home. the closely-knit community, the awesome *and affordable* food, the culture, the beaches, the familiarity.

and family.

how is it possible that i can still get homesick after a whole year of being away last year? *headdesk*

6 spilled milk:

Oliver said...

Easily I think. I've been away for more than two years, yet every time I go back I don't want to leave - and every time I'm away for more than 6 months (or having a hard time) I'm dying to go back. I have friends who it doesn't seem to bother them at all. *shrug*

I think it gets easier - a little.

tiff pan said...

yeah even though it's my second year here,i still long to go back after a few months (the longest i've stayed away was 4 months and i plan to keep it that way until i can fully handle myself here). it gets a bit easier as time goes on but it's still...hard at the same time. you're not alone michelle.

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