09 February 2010

The last of the first.

yessssssss it's a tuesdayyyyyy and i'm gladdddd!

this time it's not because it's *supposedly* my day off, but rather because i no longer have to work for the time being. YES I AM A FREE WOMAN : ) before i headed to sleep last night after my last day of work, i laid in bed thinking about how it's already been a month since i started working at the local supermarket. it's funny how time really flies. it felt like only yesterday grizzy dropped by at the supermarket and i remember telling her that it was my second day at work.

imma miss this place.

working at GK has given me one of the best experiences i'll ever get. i remembered having a really tough time at first because i had to get used to being nice to the customers who demanded (rather rudely) for plastic bags when we don't provide them; my heart wanted to please the customers but at the same time i had to go along with the boss's orders. and initially when i was set for cashier duty i didn't do as well as i hoped i would: i kept screwing up the prices, keying in the wrong labels and things. it was tough, but as time passed by and as i got more practice, it gradually became easier by the day.

people wondered why i chose to work at GK. to be honest i don't really mind where i worked at: work is still work no matter where it is. i actually fancy the idea of putting in a little extra muscle moving heavy boxes as compared to sitting in a posh and fully-air conditioned departmental store folding clothes. at least i'm moving around rather than being in one place and feeling bored most of the time.

with the various customers of different nationalities frequently patronizing the place, i'd say i wouldn't have gained any more experience if i worked anywhere else. it helped me learn a little bit more about different races and their culture; how diverse different nationalities can be, how they speak and act, and how their lifestyles are. it's amazing how much the media have stereotyped different races in so many ways, but i'm really glad i got to understand and adjust the stereotyped notions of the different races in my mind.

despite having to use up all my time working there, it feels odd no longer heading there to stand behind that counter, checking out groceries and packing stuff and pricing things and seeing my wonderful colleagues and the usual customers.

the colleagues and the usuals. i think those are the people whom i'm going to miss the most.

my colleagues: as much as i know that they do not fancy the idea of my decision to work at GK in the first place (personal reasons which i do not plan to disclose), most of them turn out to be great friends. in many ways they've shown me certain things that i've forgotten after living in the city for so long; they helped me realise that i've lost the bit of miri in myself. i am ashamed, but it's never too late to find myself again. if it weren't for these wonderful people, i wouldn't have been aware of my mistake.

and to the amazing customers whom i've grown to love:

the american uncle who would willingly drive over twice a day for his pack of Winstons,
the sweetest mr rice krispies,
the londoner indian lady who spoke to me of culture,
the british lady who loves sipping ginger tea every night,
the african aunty who took an interest in the course i'm about to take up in uni,
the malay aunty who works at the post office,
the japanese uncles who taught me how to say "you're welcome" in japanese,
the european lady who never tried japanese eel,
the nice aunty who thought i was the boss's daughter,
the chinese lady who loved discussing about the new books she read,
the australian uncle who told me about his first tattoo adventure when he was a wee lad of 13,
the dutch uncle who taught me spiced biscuits were called "speculaas" (and they are BEYOND ORGASMIC i swear),
mrs jaclyn who would always ask me for stacks of old newspaper for her cats,
the indian uncle from chennai who is just the sweetest and most caring customer ever,
the japanese couple who drive their newborn baby daughter to the supermarket at night just so she could fall asleep,
the old lecturer from england who teaches about gases and oils at Shell (and who is an adorable sweetheart),
a towering mrs kate the cougar,
the tattooed power-mother from britain and her equally tattooed openly-gay daughter,
the chinese aunty with impeccable english who taught me a thing or two about marscapone,
the sweet american lady with the injured back who spends most of the time at home,
the nice british lady who has adorable fashion sense and is really nice to me,
the numerous people from all walks of life who complimented on my english (i can't thank you enough)...

the list goes on.

and not the forget the three special customers whom i've made friends with: tanya b who is one of the nicest girl alive, oliver the blue-eyed wonder who loves apples and alexandra who has a huge cola light addiction and has a boyfriend of the same name (alex). : )

as much as i disliked putting up with all the shouting and fussy rants from my bosses and customers, all these different people have made it easier for me. that's why i could never refer to the word "hate" when it comes to talking about my job: because i don't hate it at all. sometimes when i get tired of my job a few times a week, these people walk right back into my life again and my day becomes a little bit more bearable for me.

my colleagues and customers told me not to forget about GK when i leave for uni. all i can say is: how can i forget? ;)

despite having ranted for a while on my facebook (i'm sure you might've seen), i'm going to miss working there and the thought of leaving these lovely people behind has left me heavy-hearted.

and how can you not love this farewell gift?


i saw this on my trip in brunei but didn't have the heart to get it since it was rather expensive. the other day i was browsing Kenyalang and saw it on the shelves. immediately knicked him off of there so i could have him all to myself.

isn't he just the hottest thing alive? :P

the woman with good tastes said he's like a danny zuko. blew up his ego, she has. :P


i know it's a little bit late to introduce the world to my new baby i got in december, but better late than never.

i think my baby is very hawt and she makes me feel sexy. ; )


i saw these at Charles & Keith's. costs too much in brunei so i've decided to wait until i drag my ass back to KL and get these. they are so comfortable and so sexy to walk in.

i swear that my feminine side went from a 30% to a 70% the minute i placed my feet in these. :D sexiest things alive. might need these in another colour though.


this reminds me of a certain mr midnight. i couldn't stop giggling at the sight of this. too cuteeee.


what my sister decided to nickname me.

little did she know that the colours of the rainbow went better with me more than the nickname does. ;P


and my current addiction at the moment?

the big bang theory rawks my after-work entertainment. :)

busy busy busy day tomorrow. so many things to do from the break of dawn until the strike of midnight. i better brace myself for what's to come. more updates soon!! ;)

3 spilled milk:

Dan Ouji said...

eeyerr Michie someone spammed on your comment page!! remove it!!! :O

Nice to know that you're learning so much from your stint at GK. You actually remember all those customers? Haha... impressive :P
The Burberry Brit Sheer nice kah? I've never fancied Burberry frags... I think they're a tad bit too strong.

You didn't hook up with the tattooed daughter? xD

vezycash said...

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