01 January 2010

A Twenty and A Ten.

another year has passed and another one has arrived.

it's funny how my 2009 came and left in such a hurry. going through it seemed like a very long time, but once the time is up, it all appeared to be ending a little too fast for me. nonetheless, 2009 proved to be one of the biggest turning points for me yet. i haven't been through as much in the 18 years of my life as i had done so in 2009. so many different people, so many different experiences. it really is an eye-opener for me. i have loved and lost as i did every year, but 2009 definitely took everything to a higher level. i had to let go of my home and step out into a world where protection only came in the form of my own soul, and also with the help of a few of my friends who stuck with me on my journey. i have met people and made friends, and we have shared countless of things with each other which i know will bond us for a lifetime.

when i was 18 i thought that i was ready for the life-long journey that awaited my embarkation, only to find myself facing what seemed to be the beginning of it all, a minor little test-run of the things that are soon to come. fear is an inevitable thing; everyone will embrace it at some point in their lives. some experience it more than others, but sooner or later all of us would savour the sweet taste of bravery that licks at our lips and releases us of our fears, one at a time.

well loves, it's finally 2010.

the year of which my first beverage was also my first shot. ;P

the year i start my degree.

the year i begin bracing myself for more challenges to come.

the year that i'll embark on that trip i've been planning to do.

the year i begin to take on work experiences.

the year i turn twenty.

and the year in which i will start from scratch, first by getting my old self back.

currently checking the new year's resolution list now, making sure that i have everything right. have you written yours yet? : )

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CharT said...

Quoting Honey and Clover... (heh)
The point of the journey of self-discovery isn't to see how far you can go, but to realise how important the things you've left behind are.

Today I realised how deeply I am in love with Miri, and how proud I am of the little city.

One of my resolutions is to fully appreciate home before leaving it again for an unforeseeable number of years. =)