18 January 2010

Sometimes she makes me smile so wide it hurts.

the line was so packed and jammed it was almost unbearable. i was suffocating with the massive amount of goods dumped at the cashier table; at one point i almost couldn't breathe.

darn these people and their impatience, i thought.

then she dropped by. her big smile and petite frame; it wasn't hard to make out really. if i weren't so busy trying to please the customers, i would've remembered what colour t-shirt she was wearing. but i'm guessing it was purple(?). her smile shone through the crowd and for me it was enough to brighten up my mood just a little bit more. initially i thought she dropped by to buy something from the store, only to find that she was here to leave me a parcel.

i had my hands tied down with work so i couldn't react properly. i was stunned and surprised and happy and excited and confused at the same time. after everyone left i sat there holding the little paper bag that had a nylon ribbon tied at the top and my name scribbled in neat handwriting on the sticker below the ribbon.

i looked at it and i couldn't help but to feel the love. : )

as i reached home i eagerly opened it up, only to find just the cutest things waiting for me.

tissues for the OCD person, from one OCD to another.

whenever i see kleenex-es i get happy. hygiene's played quite a big part of my daily life so getting a fresh pack for my usual outings is pretty awesome. :D

inside: a letter-set and a handmade card.

she has just the most creative ways of making crafts, and her simplicity astounds me every single time. it makes me wish i still pursued my dreams of creating art, even when they weren't meant to be turned into my future as i hoped it could.

i opened and read her card, only to feel my heart getting tighter and tighter, being squeezed by so much of love. i haven't melted like that in a long time from just the warmth of getting a card with such thoughtful words in them.

i love letter sets. did you know that? : )

stickers! i have a thing for hedgehogs. : )

it's moments like these that made me realise that sometimes, out of all the shitty things you go through, life throws in a bit of a miracle for you.

thanks b. your little parcel really made my day for me. i couldn't love it any more than i already have at the moment.


on a more different note,

my tumblr profile's up for the aids and cancer awareness campaign.

please join to support us. : )

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