19 January 2010

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak.

yayyyyy tuesdayyyy againnnnn.

off days are the shiznit. i'm beginning to dread work a lot (owh couldn't you tell? hehe...) but i gotta pull through somehow. some days are worse than most, but i can't just give up halfway. determination is something i'm trying to hone.

hung out with the sister for a bit today. we ran around getting necessary stuff for her to bring over before she leaves in a week's time. sometimes i really wish she wasn't leaving so soon but she didn't have a choice anyway. wish she didn't have to go so far though, but for her future it's for the best i suppose. :(

got myself a few things as well. made me feel a wee bit better already. shopping always cures a woman's heart ey? :P

a "hurley" print t-shirt.

saw this at Elise's for a 50% bargain so i immediately grabbed it off the rack. it had the word "hurley" printed all over which reminded me of one of my favourite actresses (can you guess?) so i couldn't resist. :)

the new bans.

these were on sale so i figured what the heck. always wanted to own a pair of real aviators so bagged this in just a minute after discovering it behind the display. :P the salesman was super nice as well. my sister found it weird that we were chatting on like life-long buddies even if we didn't know each other at all. lawl.

under-love. ;)

i've always always ALWAYS wanted a set of these for myself. usually they're pretty expensive but cotton shop and pierre cardin had this super awesome bargain going on so my mum said it was alright. got myself two pairs and i can't stop loving them ever since. :)

the people there got me confused though because one said i was a B and the other claimed i'm a C. does anyone happen to know how to determine the universal size of a woman's set of twins? i need a clarification here. hehe.


but my biggest pride of the day was seeing this on the rack and picking it out for myself. it fitted me perfectly. darn things made me feel so good about myself i purchased it in a blink.

and trust me, these aren't pants. ;)

a very productive day indeed. : )


i was sitting at the cashier counter the other night, being bored out of my wits just before closing time. i grabbed the shopping list that a customer left behind which had a lot of blank space left and started randomly scribbling and writing my thoughts onto it.

i don't know why i shoved the piece of paper in my pocket even when i wasn't really writing about things that made any sense at the time but i found it later on today and there was something on it that left me pondering for quite a bit.

sometimes certain things leave me too worn out to think clearly. most of the time i just feel like giving up. but there's just something inside of me that keeps pushing me to hold on. i'm not sure what it is that's motivating me, but i have a feeling that it may be something good. maybe someday i'll find out what it is, or who it is.