05 January 2010

Quick kid quick, so harsh and cynical.

it's been poking at me recently, how my younger friends are taking their turns graduating and leaving for college and university now. it's amazing sometimes when i look at them and think "wow, it's your turn now."

they grow up so fast,

sometimes i don't even know where to begin.

i've been thinking about a few things, one of them being my friends who are already studying or are going to study overseas. CharT, griz, deaney, tiffo, alene, derek, kerrie... and very soon it'll be michelle, my sister jo and kurt's turn.

sometimes i think about it, and it hurts somewhere deep down inside. there's just that heavy weight that gathers at the edge of my heart and tugs at it, making it difficult for me at certain moments. do you get that? or maybe i'm just being too clingy. *shrugs*

it's kurtie's turn tomorrow, joining his big sister CharT in English-Land on his journey to adulthood (exaggerating much? LOL). another one off for a ride, and another two to go.

missing people is hard.

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