12 January 2010

Off days feel SO good.

omg finallyyyyy. after 6 days of 9-hour agony - i am finally freeee. tuesdays are officially my off-days and i just get so excited when tuesdays are hereeeee.

thus all the long extra letters at the end of every word of every sentence. hehe.

my usual bumming-out area at the dining table. yes i love dr. pepper, and my new mousepad that i got from Galoop Taiwan, my new HP mouse and new wallet from Rip Curl. spot them! : )

but quite frankly, i STILL feel as if i don't have enough time to do EVERYTHING i want to do. i woke up planning to go online for a bit, deal with my degree application, get my book cover nicely drawn out, meet up with michelle the steetch for a bit and hand her her present, gymming, aqua aerobics with debbers and some time for the family at night.

but it turned out that i had to wait till tomorrow for the degree application, and i screwed up my book design and michelle was out. i sulked a bit because of my ruined masterpiece, and i didn't get to go for gym. *cries*

the little pictures.

i almost totally forgot about these. blazer pictures! i used to keep them in my old wallet when there was an extra pocket for these, but ever since i changed my wallet i had to keep these safe in my album.

can you find your own picture, chung-huarians? :P

old boxes.

i was going through some of my old stuff too which i've kept in boxes since i left for college in the Big City. i love that pang of nostalgia that brushes against my skin whenever i open a box and that first blast of air kisses my face. when i slowly go over every item in the boxes i just remember so many things that i've left along with the box.

it feels good. :)

took this video on my way to GCM for that aqua aerobics thing with debs. it occurred to me that there's one good thing about having a huge ass camera: you get to leave it on the car and film things. hehe!

i documented this journey while i was on my way to meet up with debs. had to give my college mates a little glimpse of miri too ey? hehe. couldn't see much since it wasn't at a very good angle, but i tried my best anyhoo. : )

just found this gem on youtube. the name's laura marling and she's got such a talent in indie music. i could just melt at the lyrics. so divine.

and can you believe that she's only my age? she's turning 20 this february. :D


my clock says 11:58pm. just 2 minutes away from work days again. ugh life. hopefully i'll stop screwing it up. *crosses fingers*

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Kurt said...

i see my photo. damn i miss the blazer photo days..