07 January 2010

Double-dutch on the concrete.

sorry for the lack of posts recently. i haven't been blogging as frequently as i used to, have i? quite frankly i haven't had a lot of time on my hands. is it just me, or do you guys also find that as we grow older, our time shortens? when i was younger my days seemed pretty endless, but now it feels as if my days don't seem to last long enough for the amount of things i wish to do.

been to the hospital to visit the lyd and her newborn baby son.

after a year of waiting, finally the spawn has arrived. i think it was a sign that i "coincidentally" went to my cousin's facebook page and saw what lyd's brother petrus wrote on his wall. there i was, thinking the kid would only decide to pop out in february.

lyd hasn't changed a bit - still crazy, but funny at the same time. she couldn't stop poking at the kid's head and repeating "you know, i STILL can't believe that THIS came out of me." according to her, episiotomy's been a bitch. hahaha.

have you ever felt a newborn baby's skin? have you ever held them so close you could feel their heartbeat against your chest and you can't help but adore their sweet delicate scent that all babies seem to have? it's one of the best experiences i've ever had, holding a child like that for what seemed like forever. i have never held a newborn baby for such a long time in my life, but ms lydia was nice enough to let me. i only got to hold him in between intervals (had to share it with griselda) but when i had him in crook of my arm it felt as if time stopped right there and then. all i could do was swoon over the child because he was so sweet and tiny and adorable. he was so tender and so fragile in my arms, my heart was smothered all over with fear and love. when he squeezed my thumb, it was as if he squeezed my heart as well. it was the best feeling in the world.

i swear, he was so cute i could just eat him up!

okay that last sentence wasn't really appropriate.

it was pretty hard for me to believe as well, because i could still remember ms lydia first transferring into our school, then she became my english teacher, and then our drama teacher. now she's a freakin' mom. i pity the kid (if you met the parents, you'd know HARHAR) but then again i envy him. having ms lydia as a mother is like having a comic relief everyday. only the Lord knows what else that woman has up her sleeves. LAWL

i've been catching up on some reading as well. am reading "middlesex" for the second time and it's still awesome. it's one of those books where i wish i could just lick my fingers after every read because they're just so juicy (figuratively speaking).

and i heard it's going to be shot as an HBO original series too. BOOYAH! a must watch on the list. :D

another movie that i have to watch as well. i first knew about this from a tiny friend (^_^) but Midnight triggered the passion for it altogether so now it's on my list of "to-watch" movies.

i'm thinking movie night with the rest when i get back. : )

i've been extra busy for the past couple of days (and will be as well for the next 30 days to come), mainly because i *finally* found me some work. :D

working at a supermarket wasn't as easy as i've imagined it to be. packing groceries was hard for the first 15 minutes of the job. but being a cashier was even more difficult. nevertheless, my passion still stays the same. whenever i see groceries in a store, all nicely packed and neatly arranged, i feel like a glowing preggo lady.

some of my friends still find it odd why i chose the grocery job over the nursery teacher offer. a few even gave me looks when i told them. a couple of my old friend bumped into me while shopping when i was on the job and they were literally shocked when they saw me bagging their groceries for them (they thought i was shopping as well). they tried to be polite and all, asking me what i was doing there (as if bagging their groceries wasn't obvious enough already) but i knew they didn't fancy the idea.

well, a kid's gotta start somewhere. it doesn't have to be the best job in the world, as long as i'm passionate about it i suppose. i've always loved this local supermarket, even if it's ancient (been there before my time). nailing this job has been one of my biggest achievements yet. : )

i'm still trying to settle in with the thought that it's already 2010. it's such a pretty number, sometimes i find it hard to believe. XD

i finalized my resolutions for the year. i didn't want the whole "1. Be good; 2. Be humble; 3. Smile lots." kind of thing so i edited it (for the umpteenth time) until i was happy with it.

one of the things on the list is to stop my blogging days. i have certain reasons why, and a friend helped me realise that. but the poll's still up for votes. readers' comments and votes are just as crucial. : )


this motivates me in so many ways, i can even hear it being narrated in my head by the voices of the different people i love (just for kicks because i'm neurotic like that).

so in love with marilyn i could just tattoo her name across my toosh.

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