20 December 2009

翻! Taiwan, Pt. 3 of 3.

the last post of my visit to taiwan - here goes! : )

the beautiful scenery taken from one of the visiting sites at 阳明山Yang-Ming Mountain. we wanted to go for the hot springs there and i couldn't bring my camera along for the trip. : ( the scenery there was to DIE for. i wanted to scream so badly because it was so breath-taking up there but i haven't gotten any cameras to take pictures of.

my first MOS burger meal!

i've always wanted to try their burgers as they have the burger where their buns are made out of organic rice. : ) it's not the cheapest thing to have (my meal was NTD148 which converted would amount up to about RM14.80) but i bought it for the sake of trying.

their simple designs are what i like best. : )

mine was pork chop and curry in the organic rice bun. i love. : )

the designs on the beverages. *squeals*

then we headed down for a trip to 九份Jiu-Fen, one of the famous tourist spots because it overlooks the whole of Taipei.

i love these little rice dumplings sold at 7-Eleven. : )

grandma and grandpa Pan's place.

we went to visit one of the temples there. it was SO.BIG. but so divine. :D

it's so fairytale-like, don't you think?

this is almost beyond beauty. :D

maple leaf! <3

i was trying to take a picture but suddenly cousin jason jumped to take a picture...

... of this leetle spider. : )

my photography did not do this justice i swear. the mixture of red, orange and green will blow your mind. : )

we climbed all the way up here just for the pictures hehe. : )

the next morning cousin m and my sister decided to sleep in while cousin jason, aunt tracy and i brought the bikes up and went for a long ride.

the beautiful scenery we have when cycling alone the river.

taking a break halfway through.

we had to go through these little plots of farming lands and it was awesome. the plantations were green and beautiful, the sun was shining (not my favourite thing in the world but a little sweating will do me good), and the air was fresh. sometimes we would ride by spring onion and chive farms and the breeze would be filled with their scent.

staccato-ed with hints of manure, nonetheless. haha.

not long afterwards, we reached the top of the hill where the little temple was, along with some really old shops that sold trinkets and such. we had breakfast there and also some shaved ice and red bean. : )

one of the old shops there.

on your left we have chives and on your right we have spring onions. : )

the happiest sight of nature ever.

i think that if people were to wake up in the mornings and have this view presented to them everyday, the world would be a happier place.

daisies were abundant as well. i couldn't help loving them. : )

duckies lounging beside the computer in the study room at 三峡San-Xia.

i spent my last few days here briefly roaming around with the rest or sometimes by myself. i was slightly sad because i didn't set out and adventure on my own during my first week when i had loads of time. i only managed to venture out during my last two days in taiwan and i found this really cute place just around the corner from my aunt's place in taipei.

my favourite diner in taiwan: Shih's Bagels.

my first breakfast set at shih's.

in 1995 mr. shih first arrived in america and had his first bagel, but after coming back to taiwan he couldn't find any around the city so he decided to look up for information about bagels. that was when his journey of bagels began. finally, in 2007, shih's bagels established its first main store situated right there where i had my first bagel breakfast set.

mr. shih also made cream cheese of 6 flavours, ranging from sweet to sour, to suit the customer's choices (standing at NTD45/RM4.50 per tub of 50g).

he also has his own homemade caramel creme pudding (standing at NTD40/RM4 per tub or 3 tubs for NTD100/RM10).

homemade yogurt is also available for the same price as the caramel pudding.

homemade pasta sauce is also available @ NTD180/RM18 per 170ml.

shih's bagels famous marmalade is really nice as well. it's not too sweet and contains no perservatives, just right for those who love the natural taste of fruit on their bread (standing at NTD220/RM20 per 170ml).

mr. shih's 11 flavour bagels, standing at NTD45/RM4.50 each: green tea, olive basil, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, sesame, wholewheat, plain, earl grey, garlic, onion and cheese(NTD55/RM5.50).

if you want something more filling, there's also the breakfast set menus to choose from. they're all freshly made upon order and they taste super good. :D

the interior of shih's bagels is homey and comfortable, giving its customers a welcoming hug everytime they take their first step into the place.

the nice little table top area. my favourite spot is the first working lamp from the left, where i usually have a bagel and apple juice and do my usual people-watching. : )

the little notes that satisfied customers have left on the walls in the shop. : )

my second breakfast set at shih's.

i think one of the things that i'll miss the most is the little shops they have in the area. at every turn and every corner of those little old apartments there would be a little cosy shop tucked away somewhere, just waiting for people to discover them and claim it their own little space to hang out and relax.

galoop, a clothing/lifestyle store that's situated right below my aunt's place.

"more & more" lunch bar.

cafe bastille, the belgium beer place right beside more & more lunch bar.

odeon bar and bistro.

asha brunch house right across the road from shih's bagels.

the view from the plane during our flight back.

in a nutshell, my visit to taiwan was great. good food, fun people, seeing new things, experiences. i've seen a few things and learned some more. i'm grateful beyond words to say the least. my heart felt heavy when i had to leave. i miss quite a lot of things.

i miss the cool weather that kisses my face and leaving it cold and nice.

i miss the little secluded shops that are always so cosy and makes me feel safe when i'm there.

i miss eslite bookstore that's just around the corner whenever i feel like getting away.

i miss the CD stores in which i've spent hours alone just trying out new indie music albums.

i miss shih's bagels.

i miss walking along the streets without having to worry that someone from nowhere will steal my bag or what-not *coughmalaysiacough*.

i miss visiting the 7-eleven stores and family marts just to roam around the isles and looking at products on the shelves.

i miss taking the super clean and super punctual metro.

i miss the beautiful scenery and flowers and clean pavements.

i miss how hospitable the people in taiwan is.

i miss the street food.

and i miss tiff.

taiwan was good. really good. it's been 13 years since i've been there, and i had finally set foot there again. i wonder when'll be the next?

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