20 December 2009

翻! Taiwan, Pt. 2 of 3.

during the first weekend there, we headed down to 三峡San-Xia to visit Grandpa and Grandma Pan. we stayed at uncle and aunt's apartment in 三峡San-Xia for a couple of days while we were there.

远雄森林公园Yuan-Xiong-Sen-Lin Park, situated ride beside their apartment.

funky art statues at the nearby 三峡San-Xia Museum.

a beautiful pathway leading to 北大BeiDa University.

透视新三峡 ("tou-shi-xin-san-xia", translated as "looking at a new San-Xia"), the nearby museum.

远雄海洋公园Yuan-Xiong Water Garden, just a 5 minute walk away.

little bears in a glass display in the park, interestingly.

i have this utmost amazement when i saw their art and designs. creative. : )

uncle sam's american school.

fun fact: taiwan education is linked with that of america's whereas malaysia's is linked to the brits. : )

at 北大BeiDa University campus.

people are welcome to visit it anytime and it's got a really vast area. there aren't a lot of students there so it wasn't crowded; it was just right. : ) it was really nice just to walk around and take in all the scenery. really calming as well.

another dog we met on our walk in the campus. her name was dorothy. : ) too bad birdie was being hostile. hahaha.

michellious running uphill ftw. I LOVE WIDE OPEN SPACES THANK YOU. freedom is ridiculously good.

kick it.

at the lakeside.

drakes! : )

i spy with my little eye: A PROTON SAVVY. :D malaysia memang boleh. hahaha.

we headed down to 新竹Hsin-Chu for breakfast and lunch too. i got a little dreamy at the time because i was thinking about tiffo the whole time. i miss tiff. what's really coincidental was that on the day that i leave, she arrives back to Taiwan. coincidental much?

breakfast at 新竹Hsin-Chu's open market.

新竹Hsin-Chu's 蚵仔煎 ("ke-zai-jian" or "o-a-jian" in taiwanese language, translated to fried oysters).

famous 新竹红苕包子Hsin-Chu's Herbal Buns.

they have an interesting way of making it. : )

in 新竹Hsin-Chu. i wonder if tiffo remembers this. : )

natural water from underground.

then we headed up the mountains to visit the cold springs at 北埔冷泉Bei-Pu Cold Springs.


then it was lunch at an old Hakka Restaurant.

moving on, we headed downhill and went to visit one of the orange farms to pick oranges. : )

a super huge vegetable. LOL

played a lot of mahjong to kill time while we were there. tiffo's mum and dad came to visit. : ))))

the mahjong king!! : )

one of my sister and my favourite drinks: Super XXLs from Family Mart! : ) they're these 750ml tea drinks that taste AWESOMEEEE. sister prefers the jasmine green tea while i am addicted to the lemon red tea. : ) for only NTD25 per bottle (around RM2.50), it's a really good buy. : D

the row of aparments.

the place is really really nice and comfortable. and one individual apartment has 5 storeys. :O

upon entering the front door, to the left are a flight of stairs that lead down to the basement where garage is...

... and in our case, where birdie lives. hehe.

let's move to the topmost floor and work our way downwards, shall we? : )

the veranda-cum-balcony on the topmost floor.

right inside is the lounge area.

overlooking the little park and streets.

on the fourth floor is where i stayed. this is my room. had the bed all to myself. : )

near the foot of the bed is my very own area where i can write things and read my book. i love how it's just all white and clean. : )

my sister and cousin julia's room on the third floor.

the computer and study room, also on the third floor.

the pull-out chair in the study room. cousin julia and my sister stayed here during our first night here.

the master bedroom on the second floor.

their bathroom.

first floor: kitchen and dinning area.

back to the boys room in the fourth floor, right next to mine.

and the elevator. this needs no introduction eh? hehe.

after the weekend we left for Taipei again. the first morning of the second week we headed to the zoo. : )

breakfast. : )

at the zoo! : )

the malaysian tapir!

... and the monkey that lives with it. LOL

sarawakian pride! : )

i'm a sucker for beautiful flowers, and taiwan has a crazy amount of it. ooooh LOVE. : D

at the butterfly farm! : )

on our way back after the zoo trip.

part two is done! moving on to the last post of my visit. bear with me! : )