19 December 2009

翻! Taiwan, Pt. 1 of 3.

finally, the first post of my visit is done! i spent the night up uploading the first batch of pictures until 4am this morning but realised that there were too many so i had to split it into two batches AGAIN. there were too many in one go and my editor was starting to lag so i had to divide the post again. haha.

i almost wanted to go full throttle and add in all the captions and HTML editing as well but my eyes were killing me so i had to give in and sleep. only managed to finish this earlier so here it is, my first batch of photos from taiwan. : )

air asia's international flights got an upgrade: touch screen tablets to kill the boredom.

unfortunately we had to pay extra just to watch movies or play games on the thing (typical airasia), so we could only use the chatting system as it's the only application which we were free to use.

spent most of my time chatting with random people on the flight.

made new friends in the form of a brother and sister duo named louis and fiona. :)

cousin jason's chatroom "are we there yetttt" got the highest number of chatters. LOL

after four hours, we landed safely in Taiwan.

upon reaching the republic of china! : )

fun fact: the international airport is not situated in Taipei even though it is Taiwan's capital city. the international airport is situated in 桃园Tao-Yuan, just a 30-35 minutes drive away from Taipei. unlike Malaysia, Taiwan does not have states or divisions as the country is very small. instead, they have cities. : )

the first thing we had when we reached our aunt's place: 胡椒饼 ("hu-jiao-bing", translated as "pepper biscuits".)

don't let the name fool you; these mouthwatering roasted buns are to die for, with it's juicy succulent meat wrapped inside a deliciously crunchy outer shell. YUM.

pic taken from across the road from our aunt's apartment.

had dinner at this korean grill restaurant.

buffet style summore; an all you can eat!

we took a walk at the nearby park after dinner.

moving on to our next attempt: 臭豆腐 ("chou-dou-fu", a.k.a stinky tofu)

sister digging into the 蚵仔面线 ("ke-zai-mian-xian" or in the taiwanese language "o-a-mi-soa": taiwan's famous street food oyster noodles).

but cousin jason can't wait to dig into....

the famous 臭豆腐 ("chou-dou-fu", translated as stinky tofu)!

which was gone in about 5-7 minutes. :P

it was my first time trying out stinky tofu and to be honest it didn't smell as revolting as people have described it to be. it actually smells kindda mouthwatering, but that's only my take on it. however, it wasn't AS tasty as people said it was either. maybe it's because the ones i've had wasn't stinky enough. as they say, the smellier it is, the tastier it is as well.

taiwan underground tunnels.

way clean, no? i'd rather have these than the zebra crossing.

诚品书店 Eslite Bookstore, situated just 2 minutes away from my aunt's place.

whenever my aunt comes to malaysia for a visit she'd get me a book from Eslite's and it's always good. i can spend my whole day here at this 4-floor bookstore and not get sick of it.

on our way to the metro heading to 西门町Xi-Men-Ding, one of taiwan's biggest shopping paradises. here we are, passing by the University of Taipei on the left and the rows of bicycles parked outside.

3-storey Starbucks. i think miri needs one as well, or maybe even KL for that matter.

taiwan metro ticket! i prefer these little coins over the paper ones we have in malaysia. save the trees yo!

a brunch of chinese dim sum.

this cheesy-milky dish with veges at the bottom, drowned in creamy goodness is exquisitely odd but tasty.

xmas decorations at 西门町Xi-Men-Ding.

grilled "moa-zi-sao" (dunno how to spell it in chinese hehe), dipped in black sesame sauce omg yummmm. :D

*trained* dogs are EVERYWHERE in taiwan. the people there love their dogs to such an extent sometimes, it's amazing. :O

here is one prominent proof of taiwanese and their love for their dogs: 阿毛石锅燉饭 ("ah-mao-shi-guo-dun-fan"), a restaurant selling risotto cooked in stone bowls. the owner named the place after his Golden Retriever Ah-Mao. even the logo had his face on it. :)

a sleepy Ah-Mao, the mascot sleeping outside the restaurant. haha.

oddly they sell these mechanical bicycle-riding pandas everywhere.

taiwan beer, anyone? :D

at the metro, heading home.

I GOT MYSELF A LOCO-ROCO WHOO WTF! :D i love asian gatchapons. spent RM15 on the numberous gatchapons i got. :P

i love their super clean, super coordinated and super on-the-dot metro.

birdie, the family pooch.

taking turns at the computer (sadly). haha. XD

if i ain't out roaming, i'm in watching Cooking Master Boy and Spongebob Squarepants on teevee. : )

taiwan famous 蚵仔煎 ("ke-zai-jian" or "o-a-jian" in taiwanese language, translated to fried oysters).

i kindda love it because of the sauce that gives it a distinctive taste. rather different from the ones in malaysia, although i love both just as much.

the uber delicious 花枝丸汤 ("hua-zi-yuan"), a fancy name for handmade squid/octopus balls in soy sauce soup with vinegar and herbs. YUM.

super huge takoyaki balls.

milk tea shops are abundant in taiwan. i noticed that people usually don't order drinks for dinner (if they do it's only chinese tea). after dinner they head out to these shops and get themselves a beverage from the menu listing about 30-50 different tea drinks.

the third morning - a simple breakfast at 丹堤咖啡Dante's Coffee House.

i wish they had more little breakfast places like these in malaysia. it's so clean and homey and nice. food's good too. :)

the hot dog people...

...while i had my bagelzzzzzzzzzzzz. *LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE*

i have an unexplainable love for bagels.

gimme one and i'm good to go for the day. : )

walking past the museum of drinking water while heading to the pier.

rented bikes to ride down from 台北Taipei to 淡水Dan-Shui.

unfortunately the little one fell of the bike and got a bump on her head on the way there.

aunt was oddly calm though. haha.

upon arriving at 大稻埕码头Da-Dao-Cheng Wharf near 淡水Dan-Shui.

hunting for more food.

米苔目 ("mi-tai-mu", no exact translation but they're flour made into short noodles). in malaysia we call this 老鼠粉 ("lao-shu-fen", meaning rat's flour; because of its resemblance to a rat's tail).

taking the train to 淡水Dan-Shui to pick up cousin julia at her university.

淡水Dan-Shui is famous for it's riverside view. most people hang around here to watch the sunset and have their famous local delicacies.

one of which is the layered ice-cream. only NTD10 (around RM1) for a pop.

tasty handmade meatbuns. the steam fogged up my lens. LOL

cousin julia's 淡江大学TamKang University. it's really huge and the scenery is beautiful there. fun fact: it is one of the favourite spots for films and most famous taiwan celebrities study here, i.e the currently famous taiwanese musician 卢广仲. don't let his appearance fool you, coz he is a musical genius and his ads are EVERYWHERE in taiwan. :)

淡水Dan-Shui at night.

taking the train back home with cousin julia.

awesome porridge for supper. : )

the following morning we had some really awesome shabu-shabu, then we were off to...

... 台北地下街 Taipei's Underground Shopping Mall.

the place is so insanely clean, i secretly wanted to just roll around on the ground. (not so much of a secret now innit hehe)

at the main bus station.

that night we had dinner at 小蒙牛Little Mongolian, a mongolian style hotpot buffet place.

we ordered the 鹰鸯火锅 ("ying-yang-huo-guo"), a combination of herbal chicken soup and herbal spicy soup.

taiwan is famous for its odd foods, especially coagulated pig/duck's blood and, of course, stinky tofu.

cousin michael, satisfied with his platter. : )

he was too full to even move.

the spicy soup was SUPER SUPER spicy, even cousin jason had to take this much of drinks just to tone down the heat.

my evil pink rabbit.

cousin julia, having brunch with us at Yoshinoya.

the freaky little one.


cousin j and m's chicken and beef bowl.

taipei university, just across the street from their place.

eslite bookstore YAY. : )

aunt tracy, all posing.

in the car, heading towards Taipei 101.

the chinese version of new york. haha.

Taipei 101 from afar. situated before it is Taiwan's World Trade Centre.

waiting as her mum backs up the car.

Taipei 101. : )

jason's market place, the second favourite place to head to on my list of supermarkets. : ) unfortunately i couldn't take any photos of the shops and restaurants while in 101.

but when i saw THIS, i couldn't help myself. had to sneakily do it too.

did you know that alcohol in taiwan is super cheap? these limited rock edition absolut vodkas would cost a bomb in malaysia. but here - it's NTD490 per pop (about RM49).


so technically i couldn't help myself...

...but to get a bottle for my mother. : )

so sexyyyyy. *LOVE*

on our way across the overhead bridge to the mall next to Taipei 101 called 纽约纽约New York New York.

the faux Statue of Liberty.

part one is done! stay tuned if you want more taiwanese goodness. ; )

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