23 November 2009

Your days are numbered at 24.

homemade hot chocolate and huge soft marshmallows is love.

it's been so cold these few days, my hands and feet are constantly freezing up and i LOVE it. :) the clouds are perpetually hanging overhead with that mischievous swagger, playing down the sun's heat. cold winds swiftly dance around me, embracing my soul with glee and punctuating my skin with delight.

oooh the things cloudy and chilly weathers do to me. ♥

i headed myself down to Cold Storage at Parade's today to get some ingredients for Wei Wen's lunch tomorrow. i really don't know how to explain it but there's just something about shopping at Cold Storage that makes me super happy. i can walk down the same isle again and again for at least 3 times and i'd still feel delighted at the sight of the neatly arranged products on the shelves.

i walked a little further and discovered the kitchen utensils and electronic products section. i browsed through those and my eyes lit up when i saw the rows of shiny knives and cutlery. i even oogled at the nice pots and pans. my hands itched and twitched, almost went and bought the big blocka knife holder.

i ran my fingers over most of the nice ceramic bowls and plates and almost felt as if i were in heaven. the shiny pyrex bowls and casserole dishes only made me miss my mum even more, and wished i spent more time in the kitchen with her when i were younger.

subang parade's just like a labyrinth of delightful things that's just waiting for me to discover. i'm falling more and more in love with it everyday.

i only found out that scarlett johansson can compose and sing. and she does indie music. INDIE. her vocals aren't very standard because they sound different in almost every song, but the touch of country and indie swing in her voice is tempting. i tried being skeptical but i couldn't help it. i think i'm in love. *goofy grin*

the very typical "what i never leave home without" picture.

did it just for kicks though.

bought my new monologue notebook and i couldn't resist. :) so sexay.

more grocery shopping tomorrow! hopefully i won't screw up lunch or else 8 people would have to get insurance beforehand. :P

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