10 November 2009

Tolerating Tuesday.

it's been rather stagnant and boring today. didn't really go out as planned because we've been out for almost the whole day yesterday, so they decided to call it quits. besides cleaning up the house and doing sit-ups, i haven't been very mobile. body's been aching quite a bit too but hopefully that's just a temporary thing.

i spent my afternoon today watching "Alice", the 1988 remake by director Jan Svanksmajer of the children's book Alice In Wonderland. however, this isn't just your everyday ordinary children's movie, because Svanksmajer did a little gothic twist in his Alice and this is not exactly the kind of movie that parents would want their kids watching.

i am rather intrigued by his use of stop-motion animation in this film, and the fact that he placed his own perspective of Alice in Wonderland interests me even more. although this film may not be straight horror but it is considered to have slight gothic literary sources and would appeal to many horror film fans.

i, for one, loved this retelling.

start your gothical journey of Alice HERE.

i'm beginning to think that taking up mass communication made me appreciate movies a lot more. if you were to ask me, i would say that i wouldn't even give Jan's Alice a second glance if it were not for media appreciation classes. somehow i realised that nowadays i become so thrilled with watching all kinds of movies, it's surprising. i look at it as a good thing.

now my mum's going to have a hard time trying to talk me out of watching too many movies. :P


on a more different note:

if only they knew how much i'd like to pull these off.

i took a nap earlier this afternoon too and had just the weirdest dreams ever. it would take me a long time to explain, but basically there was an egyptian pyramid built amongst an erupting volcano, me and the rest of my coursemates (but we were pursuing archeology at the time), and the lecturers (tree troll has a role, surprisingly). the second part would consist of... well that's for me to know and for you to find out. :P

will be going through my recipes one last time so i can attempt them on friday. karaoke sessions tomorrow with the bunch. see you there. ;)

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