27 November 2009

Salad rush.

a big bear in the middle of the doorway.

their couple-rumble is something i have yet to understand. LOL

@ BKT's:

he screamed "CARRR!!"

@ alexis':

the yummiest bread and rice pudding on earrrrth.

caught the second twilight saga with a few of them at GSC Signature @ The Garden's yesterday. movie was a big flop as compared to the first one, but strangely after phillers explained the continuing story that's to come in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn i am tempted to find out more. :O new moon wasn't that awesome, but at least i found my favourite cinema to hang out at. The Gardens never fails. :D

do you see what i see? found my red checkered shirt on LookBook! ;)

sister's arrival is in less than 12 hours and i can barely breathe. *excited* since mr. midnight stuffed me with ONE AND A HALF CARL'S JR BURGERS, i'm strictly going vegan for these few days until i reach taiwan. just had a garden salad and it tastes yum. :D however i AM craving for that bread and rice pudding from alexis'. pickles feeds on the best food everrrr.