06 November 2009

Relaxation Mode: ON

after a week of agonizing anticipation and excitement, the day is finally here: FINALS ARE OVER AND COLLEGE IS OFFICIALLY DONE!!!

and so is our foundation year for the january intake students. : )

i think the actual excitement has yet to sink into me because i'm not feeling anything at the moment, but i think it will soon. the only awesome emotion that i'm feeling is knowing that i have nothing else really important to do other than enjoy myself as much as i can.

i've been going through quite a lot lately, so finally being able to indulge in the beautiful things would do me some good. i'll need the relaxation to recharge myself a bit. thinking about waking up in the early mornings and not having to rush to do things, going on trips to the supermarket for some grocery shopping, roaming around the Globe through the internet, reading books that i have failed to finish, drawing and making music again, enjoying the smell of spices in my tea...

i, for one, can't wait. : )

today marks the last two papers we had for our finals: econs and moral. wished i took more pictures but i was too air-headed to forget to recharge the batteries to my camera. *headdesk*

anna deep in her notes, while wen zanardy and suemae lingers at the back, talking about other things.

meen and rebekah, hanging around the library before our last paper.

we spent our hours there camwhoring on meen's mac it was hilarious! i usually despise those who make a racket in the library, but today we couldn't control it and were in fits, even louder than any other groups which i remember hating for being so noisy. hehe. i felt guilty, but those were one of the best 3 hours of my life. :D

after exams we had a little group photo session. we were supposed to have the whole class with us but some of them left and we didn't have enough time to inform everyone. we REALLY have to stop planning everything last minute, or start to practice informing others about plans a week beforehand.

totally candid, all these photos. hahaha rebekah!

somehow i think rebekah loves that pose. XD

my skeenee beetch, conducting.

hahahahahaha syazam! :D

bekah, trying to get into the peace-sign hype. XD

junelle's trying to fix her hair. :)

syaz to bex: "whatchu lookin' at, punk?" hahaha i love candids.

everyone getting ready.

... and my battery ends there. guess we'll have to wait for the prints from phillers' cam so i can update them here. :)

so what shall i do during these three months of my break? there's a whole list of things, but the main points would be these:

yes i spent almost half the night doing this using the Paint application. my fingers huurrrrt.

1. Keeping the apartment clean.

i have to admit: i am almost entirely OCD when it comes to cleanliness. i could slack a while here and there when i have other more important things to do, but when the time comes to clean i need things to be extremely clean. personal hygiene is at the utmost importance to me. i have no idea why but it does - and i pride myself on that really. it's not a bad thing to want to be clean. : )

2. Practice cooking.

all those days of copying and taking recipes from every source i can find aren't going to go to waste! been having the urge to cook for myself recently. so far my achievements have brought me to my masala chai, so now i've got to take a stand and move on to actual solid food. haha. the amount of procrastination spent on the recipes i've dug out!! it's time to put that to good use.

3. Catch up with my Italian.

yes. you read that right. i've always wanted to learn another language but seemingly i've never really put my heart into it. i've always been moving from this language to some other one the next, and it's not helping. i sat down with Derek the other day and asked him how he accomplished his German. took a few notes and tips, hope it helps. why italian? well let's just say people undermine the beauty of it. : ) i, for one, think it's sexy. not as sexy as spanish but then again i have easier access to italian than spanish anyway.

4. Prepare for trips.

this needs no introduction. : )

5. Enjoying the rest of my holidays with myself and the friends.

i owe a bunch of people appointments. now's the time to pay my dues. hahaha. and also hang out with my foundation friends so we won't miss each other *that* much. :P i'm also looking forward to the moments with myself, doing things i love with me, myself and i. channeling the inner love. ^_^

and another priority i must consider: catching up with my sleeping. my eyes have been getting these deep dark circles, it's not even cute anymore. :( but before i sign off for today, more loves coming your way!

i simply adore her bag.

simple love. wish i could pull off these.

i am very intrigued by the redness of the fabrics. : )

another addition to my indulgences pages! Lisa's Likes is my new love. so simple, yet so comforting! *squeals in delight*

if only if only. ♥


yelle is so so awesome. someone love her with me please? ♥

Yelle - Les Femmes (Acoustic)

beautiful quirky piece of music. it's all in french though, but i know what it means. ; )

english translation HERE.

till then, i'm off for some shut eye! hopefully more pictures and updates tomorrow. : )

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