25 November 2009

Random loves.

had a few of the bunch over for wei wen's belated lunch party today. i managed to prepare 5 dishes without fail for a party of 8 people - success. : ) at first i felt a little nervous because i've never even tried any of the recipes that i had planned to make for them except my creamy button mushrooms, let alone making portions enough to feed everyone. at one point i almost wanted to cry because i haven't even made anything yet and they were all here. but to my surprise i managed (with the help of mark of course), all without having to look at the recipe even for once! an accomplishment worth being proud about. :)

i felt like a gazillion stars when everything was done and when everyone was full and satisfied. it wasn't exactly gourmet material but at least it didn't taste horrible and nothing got burnt. :P

hopefully i'll get more practice after i get home.

i don't care what people say about jennifer's body, be it the claims of how it is not scary enough to be a horror movie or how it's not funny enough to be a comedy. i love it with a passion. and no it's not because of megan fox.

diablo cody writes the most hilarious scripts. i am so addicted to it i swear it's not even healthy. the witty and out-of-the-box comments make me laugh like crazy no matter how many times i've watched it (thank the Lord for PPStream). amanda seyfried's team all the wayyy. :D

anyone up for a jen's body discussion with me? itch! :P

and low shoulder's "through the trees" is officially my end-of-the-year anthem now. :)

simple with a touch of laid back casualty. LOVE


constance victoria is inspiring. LOVE

the bag the bag the bag. LOVE

simplicity of a photographer. LOVE

this reminds me of lisa. LOVE

omg the messenger bag!! i wanttttt. LOVE

has anyone been to see Fossil's new Xmas collection? there's just about a BILLION of things i want to get there. if only i had enough money. why must they make everything so expensive whyyyy.

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