25 November 2009

Of chocolate talks and strawberry laughters.

originally wanted to head out for 2012 with my skeenee beetch, but turned out that we were too late and there weren't any available seats at the time so we ended up roaming One U (apparently the biggest mall the the whole of malaysia i was informed) instead. it was pretty disappointing that we didn't get to watch 2012 but i had a good time browsing through shops and spending time with skeenee beetch, the arabian princess and my mr. midnight.

i'm really going to miss them bucket-loads when i go back. : (

currently trying to make a list of the stuff i need to pack into my luggage without getting worked up. i'm so tired right now i feel like falling into bed and just running away to dreamland. nighters people! i'm crossing my fingers for the movie outing tomorrow and one more dinner party with the friends before heading off for the adventure.

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