01 November 2009

Lost with a bit of beautiful things.

meet me, the mighty procrastinator.

i haven't started studying - yet again. my mind's preoccupied by so many things, it's been pretty hard to focus on things. i have to constantly remind myself that finals are in less than 3 days, but it's so reluctant to make me pick up my notes and read. sigh. WHY mich WHY. _headdesk_

i've been getting away from the emotions by indulging myself in beautiful things. people usually do not think of me as a girl who loves pretty girly things of which the female gender usually bask themselves in, but you would be surprised about how i adore the beauty of feminine indulgences.

i love art. and all beautiful things. : )

caption & image source: Keiko Lynn

i think the above shown outfit by fashion designer keiko lynn is awesome. : ) i would personally wear these more often if i could. keiko's designs are so light, vintage and easy. super love. ♥

click on her name to access to her blog and check her designs out! i was smitten by first sight. : )

also, check out this fashion icon in the form of a 13-year-old teenage midget. she intrigues me in a way i cannot explain.

apart from that, i struck gold:

ahh if only i could have a clean cut and simple bedroom as such.

to own a study room like this one above is pure delight. i can just sit here for hours. mmmmm.

and of course, what would my own place be without a mini library?

rotating bookshelves! beyond awesome.

creativity at its best.

another one of my favourite ensembles HERE.

holidays are coming up and i've been digging holes on the web, trying to get my pudgy hands on different kinds of recipes to try out in the kitchen. i've been up quite a few times in the middle of the night due to insomnia so i saved quite a bundle of recipes for future references. my friends found it literally amazing how much of a maniac at recipe-hunting i can become.

in the midst of all the recipe-digging, i remembered coming up with the simplest of all recipes (making an omelette) by adding my own twist to it. i was 17 and i remembered successfully blogging about making Michellious' Cheese Pocket with Capsicums. there was also a blog post before that, teaching beginners (like moi) how to slice and dice capsicums.

it's hilarious when you think about it really. nonetheless, i was proud of my 17-year-old self and the passion and dedication i've placed into writing things like that as entertainment for the reading pleasure of the readers of my blog.

i have also discovered this wonderful creation @ SocialDesign.com last night. i am convinced that the woman of women, the woman with great taste, and my peyton sawyer would love this. i'm sure i do:

this is just orgasmic overload. if anyone were to present me with this in my own art room, i can combust and die of happiness. *squeals

as i've mentioned before, i have been inspired by all these beautiful things lately. it feels like i'm basking in Love itself. all these little things of love and the beauty of life; they move me in so many ways. :')

this one reminds me so much of my coursemates.

cheer up you guys. : ) let's make our finals worth something.


on a more random note:

currently @ 2,260.

and that does NOT include other "michellious-es" in the world.

and we hope you love your present, monkey g.

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