14 November 2009

The kitchen stories and more.

first off, pictures from the other night!

shella, spencer, amelia, KC, brian and i headed off to have dinner at this new place called Gold Cafe near our apartment. even though the food's slightly pricey, it's quite alright. plus, for the ambiance and the service and the nicely made food, i think it's a good place to check out when you just want to have a nice peaceful dinner with friends or your partner. : )

shella happy eating.

my french onion soup. i absolutely loved it, and it's currently on the list for my next kitchen attempt. ;)

spencer's grilled chicken with portuguese sauce.

my grilled dory fish with glazed lemon sauce. :D running @ RM16.50, it's quite good imho.

i've rearranged the stuff on my wall the other day and i made way for something new:

the list on my wall for inspiration.

just in case you guys can't see it, it says:

read books
enjoy the company of others
make things
love people
be happy
visit nice places
say yes
listen to music
do things that make you happy
make a living
have fun
be yourself
forgive and forget
enjoy life.

i find it very motivating. : )

i've been dying to find new things to do rather than lounging at home doing nothing, so today i finally started my adventures in the kitchen. : )

for lunch:

creamy garlic button mushrooms!

this turned out quite well. : ) i went a little extra on the soft cheese though BUT it tasted really good all the same. i am currently in love with white button mushrooms because they're just the cutest little things! :D ♥

having this dish with thick toast is just awfully scrumptious! ^_^

and this was how our dinner looked like:

on the menu, we had:

cashew chicken.

this turned out pretty well despite the fact that the meat didn't look that pretty when it was marinated. i was kindda proud of myself too because i didn't back away when the chicken pieces spluttered hot oil onto my arms when i was cooking them. teehee.

funny enough, this dish turned out to taste quite like my mum's filipino chicken adobo (which i seriously LOVE). wished it tasted as good but this dish was delicious all the same. :)

sautéed spinach.

i bet my mother would scream and say that this is all wrong because the oyster sauce is missing in this. but this is a different version because i took this recipe from an indian cookbook so technically it's indian-style sautéed spinach. even though this dish looks perfectly harmless in the picture, i must warn you that it is SPICY. if you're not a fan of spicy food but is thinking to attempt cooking this dish, get rid of the chili seeds. i kept them in because, well, it wouldn't be very indian of me if i didn't make it spicy now, would it? :P

the dinner attempt was overall a success but i think that much improvements can be done to make it better. i'm pretty happy about today's attempt because it's quite an achievement for a person who has never succeeded in cooking anything at all. : ) i can't wait to get home so i can practice more. :D


this royal blazer is love!

constance victoria is my current read. :)

chloe a's funky boyish haircut and petite frame make me so happy. : )

headbands and wrist accessories. ooh! *squeals*

someone hunt this blazer down for me please?

her flats her flats her flats! this is such a stylish do for the beach. :D

it's perfectly cold tonight and i feel so in love. it makes me look forward to my visit to taiwan even more. rainy days and cold weathers can make me smile throughout the day. currently writing down a list of things to pack up for monday and syncing my iPod for on-the-road music.

my heart is beating so fast right now. i can't feel my fingers or my toes, and i'm not sure if it's the cold or the excitement.

i can't wait. for the trip, for my sister's arrival, for the wedding dinner, for the visit. for everything. i'd give anything to feel that way again. : )

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