20 November 2009

Just to save me.

technically i had another CGPA in mind, but i am still very thankful nonetheless. : )

i called up my parents as soon as possible and they were quite happy. i'm glad that all the fees paid off and i didn't waste any of my parents' time and money spent on me this year. i'm pretty happy that i had had my foundation year completed with passing grades (i wouldn't exactly call them flying colours). but i've yet to find out what band i got for IELTS. *bites nails

i've been contemplating about a few things earlier. looking at my final results i was really grateful and i was just sitting here at my table thinking about how fast a year had passed me by. it baffles me to bits how much has happened in such a short period of time, and i'm pretty amazed at the amount of experiences and knowledge i've learned. my friends have told me that i've grown so much, i didn't even realise it.

mum was right though: there is still a lot to be learned about the world.

but whatever happens, come what may.


you're finally legal! haha. have the greatest birthday ever! can't wait to throw that party for you this coming tuesday. ^_^

more loves coming your way:

i'm so infatuated with this picture, i swear it's not even healthy.

blazer love again.

nobody knows how much i'd like to lie on the road. could only do that back in miri though.

mmmmm. :)

so many pretty things in life. :)

i think i'm addicted to tumblr. WHY IS MY TUMBLARITY NOT GOING UP!? *rages*

i'm making a list of things to make for tuesday. guest list is out, time for the list of food to put at the table. : )

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