29 November 2009

If we never get down, it wouldn't be a let down.

she arrived.

bringing miko to the pier for a morning walk.

freaks come in many forms - like so.

walking along the pier.

cousin jason tagged along as well.

towards her first klang bak kut teh experience.

after the wedding dinner.

forced to camwhore.

she arrived last night and from that second she stepped off of that plane i had been running around trying to be the elder sister that i'm supposed to be. at first i thought it could be easier since the 'rents have been telling me how much she's changed over the months - but i guess they've been exaggerating. or maybe it's because i've changed as well. i haven't been labelled "uptight" in all my life until she called me that earlier (sibling disagreements, unpreventable). i guess responsibilities and time really do change a person.

doing last minute checking on luggage and planning about what necessities to get when i go for one final round at The Pyramid tomorrow. hopefully i'll get something nice then. wardrobe = DISASTER. i need a makeover pronto. (>_<)

this may be the last post i'll be writing before heading off to taiwan for a couple of weeks. my heart's feeling the weight now; all of the sudden everything is crashing down on me in a flash. hopefully i'll get a few minutes of freedom on the internet over at my aunt's place during my stay. don't get freaked out if you see a foreign number calling you. ; )

i'm going to miss a lot of people. gosh if only they knew how much.

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