07 November 2009

First day of freedom.

i woke up smiling this morning, knowing that it's the first day of my holidays.

i'm still a little bit indecisive as to what i should do first (so many things to do OWH SO MANY THINGS!) and so far i haven't settled with anything yet. i also just realised that i'm actually running low on cash for the week. :( i really need to save up if i want to get the spices and ingredients for my cooking and also go for trips.

roomie and i headed out to Asia Cafe earlier to meet up with Gwen and Jen Wei. after lunch roomie and i ventured to the little DVD shop right next to AC and we spent almost an hour there choosing the perfect movies to watch for the next few weeks. well, technically i made her wait because i couldn't decide between getting all those movies that i wanted or to ditch them so i can save my money for future uses. hehehe.

but we ended up making a pact to get these three awesome ones because it would be a waste to give them up. all issue-related movies though, just because they're worth it. : )

"Tying the Knot", a docurama by Jim de Seve.

i practically LE GASP-ed so loud, the people browsing at the shop looked at me as if some catastrophe happened. i've been looking for this documentary for ages, and we finally managed to find it in a secluded shop. :D

as the picture suggests, it discusses about one of today's hottest issues, the political war between homosexuals and their determination to marry and those who are determined to stop them.

packed with amazing footage of gay hippies storming the manhattan marriage bureau in 1971 and also interviews with gay activists and right-wing politicos, this docurama is definitely an eye-opener for its audiences. i personally can't wait to watch this. : )))))

"A Touch of Spice", directed by Tassos Bouimetis.

one of the most successful film of all time in greece and the film that won 8 national film awards including best picture, best director and best cinematography, Politiki Kouzina or better known by its International english title A Touch of Spice is a greek film about a young Greek boy growing up in Istanbul, whose grandfather, a culinary philosopher and mentor, teaches him that both food and life require a little spice to give them flavor. 35 years later he leaves Athens and travels back to his birthplace of Istanbul to reunite with his grandfather and his first love; he travels back only to realize that he forgot to put a little bit of spice in his own life.

tackling racial issues between turkish and greek, this movie is definitely one worth watching.

"The Bridge", directed by Wolfgang Panzer.

Die Brücke, known as The Bridge is remake of an autobiographical novel by Gregor Dorfmeister. based on a true story, it talks about hitler's germany and it being on the threshold of collapse. during this time of war, 7 innocent boys risk their lives and confront the brutal reality of war.

i've always been intrigued by the issue regarding Genocide and Nazis. and ever since that passion was ignited even further when toamy had us do an assignment on the movie Freedom Writers (a movie made based on a true story, starring Hilary Swank), i am really interested about this issue as a whole.

more info about the story HERE.

movie galore tonight! :D

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Aahh Michelle, the movies all looks nice aaahh!