12 November 2009

Delightful things.

happy napkin with children prints.

if i weren't living in a place with such a weather, i would've gotten myself that leather jacket.

casually classy, i'd say.

i have this thing for blazers worn with casual wear. throw in the head bands as well. love them. :)

quirky love!

blazers. again. :)

checkered shirts, long black pants and them boots. there's just something about this picture which i can't help but love.

who doesn't?

gimme a nice, quiet and comfy place to sleep in with two adorable kittens and i'm all yours.

it's in those eyes.

i wish to be sailing again.

the cutest bunny-tot everrrr. can i hasz one? :P

*squeals* too beautiful for words.

gimme a one room apartment like this and i'll be a happy camper.

i miss reading in the grass with you tiffo.

if only i pulled the sneaker-and-dress look before ms stewart did. :P

comfy casual. sweet. :)

i can't help but smile at ms hathaway's deer-caught-in-headlights look.

what i should be doing with the amount of books i have.

furballs. *swoons*

i'm getting a kitty the first thing i can.

it's such a hot day today. currently sitting on my bed with a cup of cold OJ on the table right beside me as i snuggle with a book in my hands. i really need to get some reading done before i can buy anymore books for myself but i'm feeling so unmotivated at the moment. hopefully looking up for all these delightful pictures can help boost my mood a little.

another bright sun-shiny day. just me, my book and lunch of OJ and creamy garlic button mushrooms on toast.

on a side note:

get well soon amber! we wish you all the best.