08 November 2009

A 2kg Cookbook and Improving Fashion Sense.

yet another day today. : ) i was planning to cook today but amelia came over and we headed down to the pyramid for some catching up with gwen instead. guess i'll have to hold my cooking plans for the moment.

this is why i officially name gwen our new "Ms Klutz". wouldn't you be heartbroken if your touchscreen phone ended up like this?? T_T

to summarize it up: we had brunch, walked around and got some stuff while browsing through the apparel shops for a while, and had awesome bak kut teh for dinner. : )

i was trying to update myself on some new mix-and-matches along the way and finally put my newly gained fashion sense to good use. i saw a couple of outfits that i absolutely adore in cotton on and springfield, but both cost a bomb so i'm trying to brainwash myself so i won't have to cry about not getting them. roomie said the clothes i tried on looked good. d'oh the temptation!

the super lovely flats that i am ITCHING to get. YOU ARE MINE, RUBI!

besides that, i caught this awesome bargain of a cookbook at MPH's earlier. i was just looking at all those delicious fiction novels on the shelves (which i can't buy AGAIN, might i add. i really need to finish the 13 novels i have back at the apartment before getting anymore. ugh!) and i happened to stumble upon this magnificent beauty:

1001 Recipes!

hardcover, full-colour print, easy cooking and step-by-step instructions - ALL FOR RM50! :D i couldn't resist! but i did call up my mum for a confirmation first though. hehehe.

1001 recipes!! enough to feed the whole of Africa! (in mark's words)

huge ass book.

but the downside of this book is that it's friggin 2kgs!! and i mean, literally 2kgs! i was lugging this back from the pyramid earlier, walking all the way and carrying this book like it's the last bag of rice on the face of the earth that's going to keep me alive wtf. hahaha.

basically that's just about how my day went. nothing much really. the only highlight of the day was honing my fashion skills. apparently, now i can pick out clothes and look good in them after trying them on. i'm pretty proud of my new found fashion sense. : )

someone please agree with me that selma blair has the HAWTEST HAIR around?

before i sign off, more lovely new picks from Lisa's Likes! i can't get enough of her blog. it's so addictive! ♥

if only i had nicer feet to pull these shoes off. : ) soooo pretty.

lisa and her simplicity. i adore. :D

cute cotton shirt with just the most adorable circus prints! *squeals in delight*

photos above courtesy of lisa.

till then, i'm signing off! : ) goodnight world.

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