28 October 2009

Teeth sinking into heart.

finally i managed to get my blog up and running! :D i was finally able to find new blog layouts today that aren't too cheesy or too icky. i should have added in the keywords "XML" when i was googling for new ones last week though, then i would have gotten the new designs faster. :P

"karma is a funny thing."
two of my favourite buttons. period.

assignment week is officially over! everyone of my coursemates are so relieved you have no idea. before this it was weeks of torture - for the most part, most of us were pulling through long nights and finding it hard to breathe because of the *supposedly* insufficient time trying to work our asses off. some of us even pulled all nighters for the assignments... not me though because i don't think i'd be able to live without a day of shut-eye. :O

and most of us were procrastinating anyway. :P aah the evil invention of facebook eh? heheheh.

phillers made us dinner the other day. the picture you see above is his own recipe. udon noodles with tender chicken and soft brinjals cooked in green curry, topped with delicious strips of bacon marinated in lemon caramel sauce, and a side of aromatic basil.

the munchers. said cook is second from left.

it was a real treat. : ) i never thought udon would go so well with curry. and this is the first time i've ever had brinjals. normally i wouldn't even touch a dish if i were to discover brinjals in them, and bacon marinated in lemon caramel sauce BACON MARINATED IN LEMON CARAMEL SAUCE, cooked to a crisp perfection! heaven. phil really has a great talent with food. sometimes i think i'm blessed to have met him. it's a pity how most guys i know do not acquire the special talent for sprouting magic in the kitchen like he does.

spent a night at The Woman's place. had a drink-out with the bunch the night before so i was invited to stay over for a night. i've always wanted to visit The Woman's place, and i finally got the chance to do so. : ) met the whole family and got to see the house. it was quite nice and fun overall.

and i'm missing her chicken soup already. *salivates*

the next morning, meen decided to bring me out for a gourmet extravaganza at Kanna Curry House. : )

one of the best, i'd say.

meen wasn't kidding when she said the food there is as awesome as hell. : ) sure enough, i flooded my rice with chicken curry AND dhal. ordered rounds of chicken rendang, mutton curry, sambal prawns and fried calamari too. FWAH and an eat out it was! my tummy was satisfied for the next 3516421654321635431 hours though. hehe. but it was really awesome nonetheless. definitely on the list right next to paandi's.

hmm paandi's. i miss that place.

the bloated and the cheeky.

so what have i been up to recently? honest to goodness, i can't even give you a "in-a-nutshell". there's just so many things going on, all at once.

finals are up.

awaiting two trips.

a wedding dinner to attend.

the next plane home.

missing them all over again.

bonding with the monkey.


next year degree.

my family.

... no degree (?)


learning new things.


so what is it that i've been up to recently?

i guess if i were to really put it into a nutshell,

it would be just trying to pull through this battle, i suppose.

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