11 October 2009

Sunday afternoon.

woke up feeling a bit weird, like something's just not sitting right with me. i still haven't found out what it is though.

three more assignments to deal with. moral ed written assignment is almost done, now i'm just waiting for the rest to send in their share for the "problem solving" section. english research paper is on the way (i think), but i still have lots more to go. and the last and biggest assignment would be the documentary for our media appreciations project.

recently we've all been flooded by so many paper work it's crazy. the number of people who stayed up late just to do work is obscene. time management is a pain in the arse, but what to do? usually it's always sacrificing one for the other. there's always an opportunity cost for all the things in the world, innit?

yes i relate this to principle of economics. i'm nerdy so sue me.

right now i'm a restless little soul. been up and moving around as if i'm charged like an energizer bunny. been doing my laundry and working on assignments, cleaning the toilet and the kitchen sink. most of my messy folders in the laptop are cleared and the downloaded movies are all renamed properly. the OCD side of me is satisfied... well, almost anyway. wish the house was neater but i'll leave that till some other time when i'm in the mood to clear everything. right now too many things are fogging up my mind. all the chores that i've dealt with so far are enough to sustain me for a while longer.

i noticed that i clean and tidy up stuff when i really don't want to think about other things that i'm supposed to ponder about or do. i wonder if there's anyone else who does the same?

stayed up till late last night talking with zin (whom i shall call spencer from now on). it was another one of our long chats, where we started at 8pm and spoke throughout the night, up until 3.30am the following morning. i didn't even notice that it was already 2am until the house fell really silent at one point. had to check my phone to know that we spent almost 7 hours immersed in our conversations. we talked about so many things, especially of our past. we laughed at our innocence for the most part, but somehow there was a mutual understanding about what's happened. and it felt good to be able to bring it all out onto the table and discuss it over with her.

been looking up for south of nowhere again. i miss watching it. but managed to download the opening theme from youtube.com. i regret ever having to delete it from my hard drive. gackt!

"Wasted" by LP (South of Nowhere OST)

and i am still in love with their theme song.

time passes us by so quickly. sometimes it amazes me. diwali is just around the corner and i can't wait. my first time having diwali in the west! i bet there are going to be lots of big celebrations everywhere. toamy was surprised that this year they're actually doing diwali decorations all over. i haven't been to the pyramid for a while. would be nice to go and check out the decorations. :D

am trying to change my blog layout because mine's faulty for the past year already. any pointers? i love how Daniel and Wei Wen have theirs all wide and full-screened. and i like caryn's clean-cut design. help anyone? : )

november's just around the corner. i personally am looking forward to my sister's visit. : ) wish both of them could come though.

cluster of bothers in my head. so many things on my to-do list.

i still miss her.


on a brighter note:

: )

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