30 October 2009

Rain, and other things.

it's been raining for the past 3 days. the air is cold around me and the floor is benumbing beneath my feet. my hands are freezing and i am in a constant snuggle in my bed under the sheets. but it feels really good and i'm not complaining - i'd give anything to have the weather like the mornings of Hong Kong in December.

memories memories and memories.

the foundation year is ending.

most of us from foundation Jan intake `09 are getting emotional as the day we part draws near. after classes some of us gave short speeches, sort of like a dedication speech. skeenee beetch teared up in class even. i was about to give mine but was saved last minute by mr. justin who came to brief us on the UniSA degree program that we may be taking next year.

i'm not one who gives satisfactory impromptus. i do better with writing.

but honestly speaking, there is no way a short and simple speech is able to describe all the wonderful people in my intake.

how do you even put into words the feeling you get when someone first gives you that warm smile; the smile that's punctuated with a little bit of hidden shyness and yet you're sure that it says "i'd like to get to know you better" all over? the way it makes you feel when you first find out that you and another have a lot more in common than you've ever expected; and even when you discover differences, there's that rush of excitement covered with curiosity that fills you when they open up to you with their likes, opinions, thoughts, feelings and so forth.

we are so diverse, and yet so similar in many ways imaginable. many of us may not see eye to eye with each other sometimes, but secretly most of us have sat down and thought: hey, well he/she's not so different from me after all. call me a dreamer, but i think a lot of us wished we had just a little bit more time, so we could fill in the blanks that still linger in all of us where we've left off.

i have learned so many things during these 11 months that i have spent with the people i've met here. from each and every one of my coursemates, regardless of the fact where i have or have not been close with them, i've learned countless things. i believe that whatever i have experienced from them, be it big or small, it somehow altered the way i see the world.

to the first friend i've made in college: i knew you before i even met you, and i am blessed for that. you've shown me that no matter what happens, we should learn to be strong and pull through. thank you, for showing me that it's not impossible. in one word: STRENGTH.

to the second friend i've made in college and the first to teach me pool: i remembered first meeting you at B2 cafe and having lunch with you and dior. you reminded me of my sister, i recall feeling, and in the end i find that you really are like one to me. in one word: TRUST.

to the first close friend i've made in college: by the end of the second week of college you have already known my life as a whole, stories that were shared but never left the college library. i still remember the talks we had, and the countless of times you've tried making me smile when i was down. thanks, for smiling for me when i couldn't. in one word: LOVE.

to the second close friend i've made in college: i don't think i'll ever forget the way you laugh. i still remember our marshmallow and crackers conversation in your room, and the night when i found out that being myself wasn't so hard after all. it was a good night, and a friendship was formed. in one word: SISTERHOOD.

to my peyton sawyer: you are by far one of the most unique people i've ever met. you are so soft on the inside and yet you put on such a hard exterior in life. a fighter. you may have your quirky, weird, moody and hilarious moments - your so-called "ups and downs", but you are one of the very few people who take time to understand others and never leave your friends when they need you. thank you, for understanding me. in one word: DEPTH.

to my arabian princess: throughout my days of being your friend, you have never ceased to make me feel most at ease. you are so, so strong. sometimes i can't even describe how much i admire you and your dignity and strength. thank you, for making me feel safe. in one word: METIER.

to my pakistani prince: from the first day i met you, i have never thought that we would form the kind of friendship that we had. you have, above all, taught me so many things; to stand up and be the better girl that i can be. thank you, for not making it easy for me, because life isn't easy. in one word: EXPERIENCE.

to my midnight: sometimes i wake up from the wrong side of the bed, and my mood is awfully distorted throughout the whole day. but surprisingly enough, you are one of those who is able to slap reality back into me. you know it'd hurt me, but you know you needed to do it. i'm glad that i took the time to try and understand you, because in a way, i think the world needs more people like you. thank you. in one word: SOPHISTICATION.

to our leader: respect. that's one word of which i think people will always relate to you whenever they hear your name or see you. "maturity does not come with age, but with experience," those are one of the many things i learned from you. you have enlightened me in so many ways, i wish i could show you how much. in one word: POWER.

to the happy-go-lucky one: before this i thought that it was easy to just be satisfied with life, but there is just so much more to it than that. but you have proven to me that it's possible to just live and not let things get in the way of being happy. sometimes i want to tell you how much i appreciate you for always remembering me even when i have never done anything to deserve such great care. your bright personality is the thing that i look forward to everyday when i attend classes. in one word: JOY.

to our woman of women: people judge others by their appearances, but you are the very few who can prove others that they are SO wrong to stereotype you. even though i never told you, but i admire you a great deal. when you put your head into it, you hang on and pull through till the end. to hell with people who look down on you, because i believe that you will become someone really famous one day. : ) in one word: DETERMINATION.

to our class cutie: seeing you smile and hearing your giggles are enough to make me smile. even a little gesture from you can make my day. that's what i look forward to everyday. : ) in one word: ADORABLE.

to our class vegetarian: unique, talented and brave. you may be different, but i admire your ability to pull through all that and bring out the best that you can be. in one word: CULTURE.

to our oprah: people can tease you and people can make fun of you all the time, but that doesn't stop you from being who you are. you're not afraid of anything, and i always find that courageous of you. you're awesome, so so awesome. : ) in one word: BRAVERY.

to our quiet soul: i may not speak to you much, but i know that under all that solemnity, there's a champion waiting to emerge. always calm and disciplined, you take your responsibilities quite seriously and you don't take pride in the achievements you've accomplished. and i really like that about you. really do. in one word: HUMILITY.

to our class cook: under all that funky exterior, your personality stands out louder than most. you're quirky, and that's what so awesome about you. you're different in your own way, and is not ashamed of it. passionate about Music and God, it's not everyday i meet someone like you. thank you for being part of the colours of my life. in one word: BLESSING.

to the woman with good taste: i have always secretly wondered what goes on in your mind. how you think, how you work with things. it awes me how creative a person can be, and many a time i have wondered how you did it. you have your opinions and thoughts, and you've always stood by them. in that sense, i think you're a really unique soul. in one word: SUAVE.

to the boy with an imagination bigger than the universe: you're a superhero in your own terms, that's what i like about you. your imagination is one of a kind, and i personally think that one day, you'll become someone great. who said dreamers can't make it big? : ) in one word: CREATIVE.

to the skinny girl with the biggest randomness: you never fail to come up with so many unpredictable reactions to my antics, i really love hanging out with you in that sense. you're a smart cookie, and usually the most distinctive personalities come from people as intelligent as you. in one word: RANDOM.

to the klang baby: i love your art, and i love the way you laugh at my random silly antics. : ) i may not have spent enough time with you, but i can't help but thank you for those wonderful eating trips. :P in one word: SINCERE.

to the sleeper: maybe if people spoke to you more, they'd know you're not as simple as they think you are. i love the times when you listened to me and made me feel better, and i love the way you make the whole class laugh with your natural humour. thank you, for being you. : ) in one word: UNIQUE.

to my huggable friend: you're so strong to have pulled through the year. i know that i may not have been the bestest of all friends to you in class, but i really think that if only they took more time to really get to know you, they'd understand. i know they would. in one word: STABILITY.

to my sarawakian sister: if only you weren't so shy. : ) *hugs* in one word: SWEET.

to my myanmar beauty: sometimes i find that your determination to do your best in class is truly admirable. it doesn't show, but those times when you texted me and asked me incessantly about anything at all, i am flattered and also somewhat motivated by your determination to work. : ) in one word: DETERMINATION.

to my lil babe: you are so, so smart. sometimes i wished i had half your intelligence. in all my life i've never thought i'd meet a soloist like you - and quite frankly, i really look up to your originality. in one word: SOLOIST.

in your own ways you guys have made me see and feel so many things, it makes me proud to know that we've made it so far.

so much of characters,
so much of personalities;
and one day,
we'll conquer the world. : )

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Sheena Liam said...

I'm going to miss getting my hugs from you. =) Thank you Michelle for being so awesome.