09 October 2009

It's worth smiling.

five minutes to midnight, with hotel lights' "follow through" crooning ever so softly over the speakers. the mood i'm getting right now is inspiring me to write this before i call it a night.

earlier this morning i had a speaking test. i was given a topic about arts and music. i felt a part of my old self coming back to me as my mind raced for ideas, reminiscing about my days back in high school when all i knew was art to liberate me and music to keep me drunk. just me, my drawings, my music, and the people. those are all i need.

finally handed in my share of assignments. there's still my research paper and documentary to handle, but i already feel as if the world's weight has been taken away from my chest and i can finally breathe again. headed to the 7th heaven for rounds of pool. it's been a while since i've had a game of it, and today we played until we dropped. it felt really good.

came back to the apartment and jasmeen tagged along as she waited for her friend to come by and save her. laughed about silly things for a bit, but it felt good. sometimes i think that all we ever need is a hearty laughter to makes things feel alright. thanks jasmeen for being a part of those 5 minutes that made me feel like the world.

the apartment felt quiet without the rest. althea left for home, she deserved the break. shella and spencer were still rushing their projects in college. i was alone, and it was so silent. it suddenly started raining and i just looked outside the window. it poured heavier as minutes passed, but i loved it all the same. tiny raindrops pitter-pattered at my windowsill, playfully splashing me with it's icy coldness. i smiled at them and couldn't help but fall in love all over again.

opened the packet of oreos that i got today at 7-eleven on my way back. been craving for them for the past few days. poured myself a cuppa hot milk and sat myself down in my room again, embraced by the silence.

turned on my PC and checked my inbox the first thing (as usual). found a surprise email from a fellow friend i've been hoping to hear from since the past month. laughed at her silly antics. replied the email and am looking forward to hers.

halfway through typing my phone rang, signaling me of an incoming message. i looked at the screen and felt my heart skip a beat. big smiles found their way across my face and my heart grew. how i miss her.

placed the 5th Season of One Tree Hill that caryn lent me. after finishing the first episode i was already smitten. i don't know why but there's just something about the series that makes me feel so at home. thanks caryn, for giving me something to lose myself into.

assignments done, rounds of pool, laughter, a text message, an email, milk and cookies by the laptop while watching my biggest guilty pleasure of all time, and enjoying the coldness of the rain.

today is a good day. something worth smiling to. : )

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