29 October 2009

Food for thought.

with so many things flooding my mind at the moment, i can't seem to focus on the things i have to do lately. juggling between home, future, moving, studying, relationships, etc. growing up takes a lot of work.

seemingly a few of my coursemates have started studying for our finals that's coming up next week; i say few because i know most of us would be procrastinating anyway. :P even if we aren't, we would say we are when asked. heheheheh.

on the other hand, i would be lying if i said i WASN'T procrastinating. the evidence? despite not having classes this morning, i woke up early and headed down to the college library... just so i could get these:

well i have to get my mind off things one way or another, don't i? hee. i dare you to tell me me these aren't the least appetizing. :P hehehe.

1 spilled milk:

R.Ivory said...

I have thousands of food picture in my hard disk folder :P