12 October 2009

CharT: Poop popp pop daym poop hard to spell.

CharT says:
and pooping is good
ahhhh poop
poopy poop
poop is actually pretty hard to spell
cus you wanna spell as pop
but you then backspace and type in the extra o
post this on your blog
so ppl can see my awesomeness at typing poop

Michellious says:
i think i'm getting internal bruises from all this hysterical silent giggling.

CharT says:
damn almost typed popp

the wonders of having a random friend who loves spelling faeces and making you post it up on their blog so they can get some street cred.

you and your random conversations CharT. i love you. hahaha.

CharT says:
i love getting featured on your blog
makes me feel special
i'm waiting to see how my poop thing goes on your blog


2 spilled milk:

CharT said...

Wohoo! Street cred.

Siying said...

*likes* :D