04 September 2009

Queen T's Second Adventure!

i should've done this lots earlier, but assignments come first so this had to wait for a teeny weeny while. : )

went to see Queen T get her second tattoo done. she was really nervous about it because she's been waiting on this for so long and the day finally arrived. those who joined in the joyride were Ommy and Amber. : )

killing time while waiting for the Queen to arrive.

had truckloads of fun here, even though i got my butt kicked a hell lot of times. LOL

killing time 2 - bowling.

sui ying. :D

michellious and her pulled face because her ball keeps "cleaning the drains". hahaha.

you have not seen anyone who suck at playing games as much as i do. :P

a happy ommy who keeps getting strikes.

a jumping tinks.

amber and yours truly.

ommy, being himself. :P

a while after, the Queen arrived and we went on our way for the adventure! :D

before getting the tat.

a nervous mamie. : ) *huggles*

the outline is up!!

kevin, doing his thang.

kevin's design was so awesome. and he was so nice too for answer all my annoying questions regarding tats patiently and doesn't mind explaining. his enthusiasm and devotion to his work says it all over. i would definitely recommend him if anyone wants to get a tat done. : )

in the process.

the end-product - divinity at its best. : )

oogling over the awesomeness that is the dragon and gemini.

after that we headed on to Italiannies to celebrate the After Adventure... and also to break fast because ommy was screaming for food. :P

awesome bread @ Italiannies

michellious and a happy Queen.

my very own Cullen... only better. :D

ommy and the Queen of Hearts.

ommy's awesome platter...

and there's our awesome food. om nom nom nom NOM. :D

September the Second was a blast. wish the day didn't have to end. : )

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tiff pan said...

hey my friend Michelle called me last night and i thought it was you; i couldn't hear her voice properly because there was a jazz performance going on in the background. we should chat on the phone sometime.i still have money left in my skype account.: )give me your number again! i need to save it.