21 September 2009

My Eid ul-Fitr @ Hari Raya Puasa 2009.


in other words, selamat hari raya. : )

eid started the day before yesterday, and it was my first raya away from home. people were asking me why i haven't gone back to miri yet, well unfortunately i only had 2 days of hols so basically my classes start tomorrow.

had a blast starting eid this year. hung out with awesome awesome people for eid. without further ado, let the peekchures speak!

first eid celebration: at Daisy Doo's Crib.

super chef mamie at her best!

little tinks caught in the corner.

in her humble home: daisy doo.

narcissistic big bro ommy. :P

the awesome view from daisy's place.

daisy watched as T does her 'thang'. teehee.


toamy makes just about the awesome-st sothee ever. i can eat it everyday. :D

gazing lovingly at her masterpiece.

ommy and me, chillaxing after dinner.

second eid celebration: afiq's place.

thea, while waiting for jasmine to arrive at the central.


while in terrance's car.

thea and meen.

thea and moi, in shades. XD

meen and tinks!

"she and her LV." (loi, a 2009)

candid shot by jasmeen.

she was so excited about this picture. "I LOVE THIS PICTURE!... because i took it!" (joseph, j 2009). hehehe.

althea loi.

tinks and the escourt of the day: terrance the porcupine boi.

little terrorist and the porcupine.

meen and me, outside waiting for kent to be done.

meen and loi.

pouting because kent took so long. hehe.

pigging out at afiq's place.

tinks and the man of the house. : ) he does a killer rendang, man!

thea and afiq.

tinks, meen and our jap boi: suzuki!

jasmeen in afiq's songkok.

tunku abdul rahman impersonator!

us @ great eastern mall.

waiting for syaz @ o'briens.

om nom nom nom nom!

final celebration: @ syaz's!

had awesome food at syaz's place. out of everyone else in class only a few came though, but at least we had a good chat around. : ) didn't take many photos after that because syaz has all the rest in her own camera. the only one i managed to get was this:

how can you not love her?

had an awesome eid. hope you guys did too. ; )

4 spilled milk:

CharT said...

You have a Japanese in your class? I'm jealous. =P

Afiq as in Afiq from CH or another totally diff Afiq?

Michellious said...

haha well not a pure breed japanese though. mixed chinese but father is jap. he's one semester my junior but we all know each other. : )

totally different afiq babe. the picture says all. XD

CharT said...

I couldn't tell. Haven't seen CH Afiq in ages and you know how senile I am. =D

"breed" - you make him sound like a dog. =P Daym I want [more] Japanese friends!

armouris said...

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