17 September 2009

Hello again, world.

okay okay i admit. i haven't been blogging as consistently as i used to. i feel my reader count going down as i type.

to cut the long story short, i've decided to suck it in and deal with the responsibilities which i've been putting off a long time ago. to get back on track with assignments too, mostly. just when you think everything was just starting to settle down, another thing comes up and you'd have to deal with that so it won't get in the way of other things.

situations upon responsibilities upon work upon "just trying to get by without fussing too much". this is insane. people need to chillax more. : |

it's mid-term week. everyone's been studying their brains out and i feel drained. it's hard not to stress out when everyone else is going around asking whether i've studied for a certain subject already. originally wanted to blog a week ago but all that studying wasn't making it any easier. i really should learn how to rearrange my time better. STOP LINGERING AROUND ON FACEBOOK MICHELLE.

most of my subjects are done and over with. only ones left are English for College Studies 3 and Principles of Economics. i wouldn't have minded back in the days when i had ECS 1 and 2, but 3 is a definite "don't mess around" area. ms mary covered a bit of our IELTS theory book the other day and i regret ever underestimating it. attempting an essay within 40 minutes is not my specialty, especially when i'm a woman of creative writing.


eid is next week!! sadly we only get two days off though. plans plans plans. should i get myself a kebaya? i'm tempted. food food food. i feel my cholesterol reaching sky-high. hehehehe. omer, syaz's and feek's. prolly zanardy's too. like, wow. :D my first raya celebration with my mates! *anticipates*

assignments and documentaries are up next on my list. gotta get them done soon though.

social psych: one individual paper and one group assignment.

principal of econs: one individual paper and one group assignment.

english for college studies: research paper for "ethnocentrism".

moral ed: presentation and paper on social moral issues.

media appreciation: social issues documentary.

work is abundant - i don't think i need other things to occupy my head at the moment. =_=

celebrating on september 23rd. where are the people of my community? let's pride. :D hehehehe. (inside joke)

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