01 September 2009


sitting here, watching the city lights.

i couldn't sleep. cannot sleep. will not sleep. the tugging at my throat is increasingly irritating at me to bits. i held coffee bear close to my chest and feel his fur, so soft in my hands.

pray love pray. it's the only thing that helps you to sleep.

i got out of bed and i'm standing at the windows with my fingers lingering on the cold dead grills, looking at the city still breathing with life. i wonder how people go on through everyday lives. maybe they can help me understand.

love love love love love. how many times can you love a person in order for them to feel the same way about you?

sometimes it takes a while. sometimes it never does.

i turn back to my table and i sit. i sit and i look at the screen. the episode was on pause for about an hour now. she's sitting in the hall in this scene, just staring at the jacket on the couch. she reaches for it and turns to see the letter that molly has told her about. she takes it out and opens it, scanning every word embedded on the paper.

slowly she smiled.

her voice slowly leaves her lips as she read:

in your eyes,
i see things i know i cannot touch.

i know not to reach for them,
i let them touch me.

and i cherish these moments
that we were able to share
however fleeting they may be.

i listen intently and i could feel the sting in my eyes. wow. how many people can actually feel that?

you tell me.

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