23 August 2009

Random new loves: Paradiso Girls and Quest Crew

am currently head over heels in love with these five feisty young ladies:

haven't heard of their new single "Patron Tequila"? well you're missing out on quite a bit there. ; )

and of course, everyone needs a favourite girl in their favourite girl group. whilst everyone else is oogling over the much-loved Chelsea, i'm in love with the Parisian:

say bonjour amour to Aria Crescendo. ; )

was surfing YouTube and checking up on my subscribed videos as usual. found one of jennifer chung who did a cover with Victor Kim. and through Victor Kim i found the best dance crew ever.

and if you don't think these guys are good, then there's something pretty much screwed up in your brain:

introducing, Quest Crew. : )

procrastinating again.


back to work!