28 July 2009

hiatus and a quick update.

first of all i owe my readers an apology for the lack of updates for so long. michellious has been busying herself with quite a handful of things, but finally i decided to sit my butt down and not postpone the update any longer.

just got back from sarawak last saturday to kayelle. had the usual "mixed-feelings" going on in my head the day before i got back. i love home and am going to miss it when i leave, but i also miss the fun of being in the big city. it was all quite confusing.

third and final semester of my foundation in mass communication course has finally begun. it was really great to see everyone again. classes this sem include:

principals of economics
media appreciation
social psychology
moral education
english for college studies 3

it all sounds stressful but hopefully i'll be able to pull through this semester. list of lecturers from last sem that we will be seeing this sem would be ms thaera for media appreciation, mr zaim for moral ed and ms mary for english this semester. : ) yay yay.

our classes for econs and moral ed are now combined with the march intake students, so that means i'll be seeing more of candice! i'm personally excited because she's such fun to be with. : ) we actually started our first "combined" class yesterday and i sat with candice (as promised) and neeshan (our personal flight attendant is back!!).

an incident that happened during econs lecture:

mr. philip: so who here cannot swim?

candice: (silently to me) i don't think we should worry - we've got floatation devices!! *points to boobs*

hahaha. :D

so far classes in college are alright. all of our courses sound a lot more difficult now, but i'll be crossing my fingers and hoping that everything will be okay. my CGPA is still currently a 3 so it's acceptable, but i'd have to work extra hard and raise the bar up a little so as to secure my position for degree next year. : \

have you ever missed a close friend so badly that your mind throbs incessantly and your heart aches? she's only been gone for 18 days and it's already driving me up the wall. not having my text buddy around is frustrating. : ( come back soon sweetheart. starbucks at the end of the world, the birdpark and silverfish appointments are awaiting. : ) *sends big hugs*

before i sign off, i have to mention that i might be going on hiatus for the time being. there are still some more stuff that i have to deal with and things to be settled before i am able to blog properly again. but i promise to be back soon!! : )

xx love love,


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