10 July 2009

Goodnight, City Lights.

i stood there, unmoving. looking down from the 17th floor of my apartment, i see the traffic moving fast on the highway. it was dark out, despite having the city lights glowing in splatters all around. the outline of my college is barely even visible, hiding behind the silhouette of shadows formed by the dim lights that lined the streets.

at the stroke of 9.40 this morning, everything in my second semester came to a halt. my mind raced with so many thoughts: the solidity of relationships formed, the roller coaster ride that we were put through, the emotions that's come and gone, the exams. everything. and on my last night here i can't help but think about how much i would miss all of it. i remembered wanting everything to just be done and over with, but now i wished it would still go on.

the after party at The Pyramid was a good one. smiles were all around, and i felt at ease. i had the people that make me smile around me - what more could i want, right?

i tilted my head up and looked into the pitch black sky, with streaks of red that bled throughout the horizon. i kept my eye steady and scanned carefully. the time was right, and it would be about time.

slowly and patiently, i waited.

surely enough there it was, that tiny dot of a light - one red, one yellow - blinking in the midst of darkness. i wasn't sure, but i didn't care. i gave one of the biggest smiles i could give and waved at the plane, hoping that you're quietly doing the same. 28 days may seem like a very long time, but i'll be counting down every second until you come back home again.

the demon birds are waiting for us, love. enjoy yourself and come back soon.

and thank you for the pre-present, because now i'll have a piece of you with me wherever i go, no matter where you are in the world.

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