01 July 2009

FICM Sem 2 ECS2 Event: "Words behind Meaning, Meaning behind Words".

the event we organized turned out pretty great.

and everyone had a blast. : )

i have to say, i'm prouder of my class more than ever now. at first the project seemed almost impossible to complete, but in the end everyone pulled themselves together and made this happen.

kudos everyone!

and without further ado: peekchures! ; )

amber, having a hard time trying to tie up the balloon. and that's rebekah, having a good laugh.

balloon blowing! ... and amber's still having a hard time. XD

junelle, going strong with those balloons.

thea: "yay!"

joey, attempting one.

the whole class, going balloon-crazy. : P

: D

faye, working on the sign for her booth.

caryn babe.

omer, proving that sheena can blow a balloon! eeehahaha.

mark: "hush." hahahahah!

amber and bekah. : )

phillers, working on the video with sheena.

zanardy, stuck with his green balloon when others are on their 15618645th. :P

: )

sheena and amber.

ommy, our emcee for the event.

syaz, althea, meen and weiwen's booth. colourful innit? : )

The Pick Up Line gang! : )

our chairperson, trying to chillax with em balloons. : P

the audience and everyone else, watching the opening video.

meen, being herself and mamie t, glowing with her beautiful smile. : )
somehow this is my favourite photo. : )


me, making an awkward speech because sim told me to. : P

ms mary, our ecs2 lecturer making a speech.

mamie t, making impromptu speech. : )

after that, the event officially began! : )

evonne and her 'who wants to be a millionare' booth.

mamie t, being the good sport that she is and giving evonne's booth a shot.

sue mae, lin and juann, at their booth.

happy people. : )

our "tribute to michael jackson" corner. R.I.P, mike.

ms mary and mamie t playing charades!! :D ms mary's facial expression is just classic. XD

awesome candicez and kiut sammyz! both who brought their march intake group to the event. muchos gracias!

faye's booth.

thea: ?

ms mary, trying to make out "You Son of a Bitch!" for mamie. XD

: )

the event was just awesome. : )

remember the previous post where i said michellious did something and wanted ya'll to guess what it was?

well, here goes:

snip snip snip. : )

yes, michellious finally went for the haircut. : P

i was tired of my old "dora the explorer" hair, and it started flying in all directions so i had to change my hair again. since my hair was already short, the only option that i could take was to go for a pixie cut.

originally wanted to get karla's awesome hairdo, but turned out to be slightly more rihanna than ever.

lol but at least it was a change. : )

decided to get the haircut on the 30th so during the event on the 1st (and the beginning of the new month) i could start afresh.

collection of reactions include:

" *jaw drops* "

"oh. my. GAWD! michelle!!!"

"that's damn cool wei! :D"

"and who is THIS? is there a new girl in class? how come i've never seen her before? *cheeky smile and gives one big hug* " (mamie t, 2009)

but the cutest reaction, i have to say, was omer's:

"HOLY CRAPPPP!!!!!1111111

.... looks good on ya though. *wink* "

hahahaha. : )

yes i know imma shortie. : P

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CharT said...

Nice! Now all you need is some bright red lipstick to complete the FIERCE look.

FIERCE. I like that word. XDDD

The event sounds fun! Wish I could've been there. I LOL'd at the son of a bitch charade.