06 July 2009

Before it all ends.

i used to think that everything's so draggingly slow;

that time needed to go faster.

but as the semester comes to a close, i think it's going rather too fast.

i can't help but to lie in bed, thinking about how my second semester at taylor's is about to end. so many things have changed; and so many things have evolved. if we were to turn back time, we would never have imagined it like this.

i wish there was a way i can place the feelings that i'm going through now.

so thick

so intense

so fulfilling.

my heart is just bursting with every emotion imaginable. and what's more, it's july - the month in which i dearly hang on to every second.

the witching hour will soon commence.

am i ready for the 19th session to start? i don't know.

everything else seems so different this year. a little peace and quiet would do good.

but i'll miss them. a lot.

finals are up soon. the suspense - it's killing me, almost.

so many emotions; all at once.

can you feel it bursting already?

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tiff pan said...

wow i'm not even in the same country but i can feel your emotions bursting. i felt the same way at the end of second semester (which was two months ago for me). yeah it was weird but some peace and quiet will come in due time. you will miss them...but you will also have many other great experiences with other people. let go chelle. just let it go.