17 July 2009

15-16 July: Deaney's Arrival & The 19th Witching Hour

15th July 2009: The Arrival of Deaney

went off to the airport to pick up one of our dearest friends who just flew in from hong kong. we haven't seen deaney for almost 6 months so we were pretty excited about meeting up with him. : )

and the surprise pick-up at the airport proved to be a success.

in hiding, waiting to give deaney a surprise.

our little boy. : )

and he's back! : D

greeted with the warmest hospitality. his mum is just the sweetest. : )

we chatted up a storm and it was great to see everyone together again. we actually planned to head down to Starbucks after but i was called home instead...

but little did i know what they had up their sleeves.

16th July 2009: The 19th Witching Hour

as soon as i got home from deaney's, i plonked down in front of the PC and decided to go on facebook. i was almost dead tired so i slowly took my time and replied everyone's birthday wish on my facebook wall. chowzers and ong ing spent the last minutes of my 18th with me online. thanks sweetz. : )

but as i was IM-ing them online, suddenly the air around me stifled. it was this sixth sense feeling which told me that something was about to happen... and the next thing i knew i was dragged outside by zin and amelia. they hauled me all the way outside my house and didn't even gimme time to put on some decent shoes!! my mum was behind it too and i can still remember the delight in her face when she just stood at the door, looking at my friends dragging me away.

what's more, they decided to blind-fold me. i literally felt like one of the girls on MTV's Room Raiders. =_=

blind-folding me.

on the way to deaney's house. still, blind-folded. :P

i didn't have to really guess where they were taking me because there wasn't anywhere else they could bring me but to deaney's place. :P stayed up till 3am just hanging around and chillaxing. : )

only managed to wake up at 9.14am, but that was only because i've gotten a phone call from monkey grizzy and mummie debbers all the way from new zealand. : ) headed downstairs to have breakfast and was greeted by the sight of a wonderful meal awaiting at the dinner table. : )

morning breakfast.


egg tartz! :D

dean's mum's homemade noodles! it's super nice! those crispy golden things that you see on top? strictly non-halal, hehe. but isz AWESOMEZ! :D

dragonfruit sorbet! didn't think it was possible, but apparently she proved me wrong. super love! :DDDD *salivates*

deaney's mum does one of the best foods eva! : D

zin and her new haircut.

our deaney. : )

didn't really do anything much after that. went back home soon after to get ready for dinner with the family. headed down to Nikko for a japanese dinner and had a few good laughs there. : )

flaming birthday cheesecakez! :D am loving the candlez that throw blue sparks after they were lit! *squealz*

mum and sisters prepared a surprise cake for me the minute we got back from dinner. i personally am never really fond of huge ass cakes, so they were nice enough to get me a small petite cheesecake (like moi :P) and placed awesome candles on top.

i've always wanted a tiny cake with those pretty glittering "Happy Birthday!" candles that give off pretty blue sparks in the dark. and this year i finally got it. : ) *loves*

THANK YOU MUMMY!!! _glomps_

michellious and her happy cake. :D

the melted wax look like icing. :P

after the small cake-cutting session, it's on to my annual alcoholic drink at a bar. : ) this year, i gave the honour of choosing my alcoholic beverage to two of my favourite people in the world - and they decided on a margarita lime for me. : )

us @ Island.

a plate of althea loi. :P

after the hangout at Island, we moved on to Al Fresco!

the bday girl and her virgin pina colada. : ) non-alcoholic sim, don't worry. :P

the singaporean with his singapore sling. : )

don't ask. :P

my creamy awesomez pina colada. isz LOVE. :D

the person who had a singapore sling and zin. : )

moved home around 1.30am after a round of the drinks. : )

overall it was a cool birthday. i can't deny the fact that it is a far cry from my previous ones, but i'll count my blessings nonetheless. : )

56 birthday wishes on my facebook, 14 text messages on my mobile (since people prefer to facebook the wishes now hehe), two international phone calls (one from sweden LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE and one from new zealand by two of my favourite people in the world) and one phone call on the dot with a birthday song sung to me on the other line by my feisty little girl.

oh. and not forgetting the lovely presents. : )

kowtow to me because i have FRANCfranc merchandise and you don't. :P


a present from youngest sister - porcelain cup with DRAGONFLIES!!! :D this, without a doubt, is my favourite. : )

from my mother - "The Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. this. is. LOVE. : ))))))

thanks lala, zin, deaney, amelia, and my family for giving me the surprise.

thank you simitha, miss michy, mei, joey, CharT, siew hie, ing tze, farhana banana, daisy doo, caryn, rebekah, derek, lil sis, jazz, kurt, and daddy kerrie for the text messages.

thanks mamie t, griz, and mummie debbers for calling me all the way. : )

thank you joey, for calling me on the dot to sing me a birthday song.

and special thanks, to all these people who left me wishes on my facebook wall. : )

(click to enlarge... only if you're too bored :P)

from rebecca tan, tiffo & sherl lynn.

from simon, chia wee & afiq.

from zanardy, emandy, joey & wan sing.

from susu, grace, julie michiko hoyaas & yee phang.

from agan, wei ming, natasha, juann & preety.

from syaza, lee seng, zandra & wilson.

from mei ching, alene, iin & siying.

from cindy chowzers, ms mei yee, may & dude buddy.

from yu jin, lynette, mark & rizal.

from CharT, althea, suemae & vonny.

from mei, natasia, derek & michelle hee.

from faye, raffi, miss michy & ong ing.

from dixie, amber & meen.

from renee, and a bunch of my own countdown on facebook. haha. :P

from rayhanna, mamie t and sheena.

i am grateful, and happy. : )

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