14 June 2009

With Cindy.

went out with cindy yesterday evening. she was going to stay over at my place on a saturday night so we went out to unwind later on.

our agenda for the day went basically like this:

shopping --> movies --> more shopping --> dinner --> home.

shopping around with cindy is quite a sight to see, and the only person missing the the whole scene is miss michy because combined they'd make an awesome clothing-hunting duo. _laughs_ i may not get all excited when going shopping (as i don't really have opinions on girly clothes and dresses) but seeing cindy shop triggers the passion of shopping in me. :P

and any shop with the numbers 50-70% displayed at the window is where she'll be. XD

but i have to say, i did learn a thing or two about women attire while i was out with her. so many mix-and-matches, it's a wonder how i never picked it up. it's great fun. :P

the closest i can ever get to a club.

but didn't go in though. :P

caught monsters vs aliens in 3D style with cindyz.

most awesome experience ever. and it was fun. :P it was slightly long-winded at the beginning but after a while the humour starts to sink in and it became literally hilarious towards the end. good show though. : )

and what's an outing without complete camwhoring?

after movies and shopping, we had dinner at subways and chatted for quite a bit. it was interesting to talk to cindy because i liked listening to her views on things. it also helped me figure some things out for a bit, to get to understand situations better.

thanks cindy, for the great night out. : )

and the catches of the day:

cindy flaunting her newly bought dress... thing.

and guess who got a little something something?

: )

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tiff pan said...

the dress looks gorgeous (even though i can only see part of it). you should wear it and take pictures: )