21 June 2009

The Road Trip - Malacca.

"wake up it's a beautiful day"

lucy schwartz's voice serenaded me awake. i didn't even remember changing my alarm rintone. sometimes i can't even recognize it. outside a cold breeze crept slowly into my room, hugging me tight with its icy greeting.

classes are in an hour, and i'm lying in bed not wanting to move. had a good long rest last night. 12 hours of sleep was enough to compensate for the 24-hour fatigue state that i was in.

i stayed in bed, head resting on an arm behind it and thinking about the road trip. it was a fun one, because it was one of those "first-time" experiences that i had.

meen, dolling up before we hit the road.

170.5 kilometers per hour. that was the speed in which sim was working the vehicle. awesome shitz. : )

reached malacca in a really short time. dropped our bags at meen's grandma's place and proceeded with the food hunting.

heading into the wilderness that is the pasar malam near meen's place.

fruits. :D wish i could've gotten some along the way.

reached the ice-cream place that meen was looking forward to going.

and we had one of the best ice-creamz eva. super love.

thea, meen and syaz and their cuppa freezos.

2nd food to makanz: SATAY CELUP.

the amount of PEOPLE waiting to have this.

the satayz. :D

celup-ing them into the boiling peanut sauce. YUMZ.

them, doing their project while i munch on a shtick of shatay chelupz.

digging in.

moving on: putu piring.

the stall right outside their home, selling steamed rice cake with gula melaka and coconut shreds in them.

meen and the putu piring.

caught in the act.

finally got to visit the "eye on malaysia"!

doing their thang.



after the whole food trip, it was onto shopping paradise: jonker street!

arts and handicrafts.

one of the reasons why i love the place is because of its Arts. we don't get to see a lot of arts and crafts in malaysia so jonker street just speaks of LOVE to me. : )

didn't take many photos at jonker because the place was CONGESTED with people. had to stuff my huge ass camera into my bag instead. after going through the whole street we proceeded to chillax at a nearby bar.

singing our night away.

and this day marks the first time i stayed up the whole night and didn't sleep. it's surprising how i could make it through without a blink of sleep. O_O

the next morning before going off on our way home:

visit to christ church melaka.

meen: "my uncle built this."

macam bermakan angin kat luar malaysia je. XD

road trips are the shiznit.

thank you syaza, sim, meen and thea for experience. it's one of those life-memories worth remembering. : )

2 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

wow i have yet to take a roadtrip, go to a concert, visit my friends in cali and new york, etc. HAHA. yeah glad you got to go on a roadtrip! wow that was your first all-nighter?

CharT said...

Wow you had lots of fun huh?

I kinda expected you'd wear your new dress cuz you didn't show yourself in all the photos in teh beginning. Build up the suspense and stuff I thought. You should've worn the dress.............

Ok i'll shut up now.