15 June 2009

Quickies before the hiatus.

yes michellious MIGHT (note the caps lock) take a break from blogging this week.

but it's only just a big fat "maybe" because who knows if anything interesting would come up in the midst of my busy week that i might want to share with the whole world.

so what's been up lately. hmm.

three more major assignments to deal with:

A) "My Malaysia" video for Malaysian Media History

still haven't come up with anything solid yet. will try to churn up something or more ideas so my group mate and i won't have to suffer from low marks again.

B) Media Ownership report for Into to Mass Communications

i think most of the time i'm just worrying my ass off about this assignment. i could never seem to do better than average for this subject and i really hate to see the disappointment in miss thaera's eyes again, even when she tries to smile just to hide it. her encouraging words are tearing me to bits.

emotions are sometimes so strong that even the thickest of masks can't hide it's intensity through one's eyes.

C) ECS2 Class Project: "Meaning Behind Words, Words Behind Meaning."

as a deputy chairperson i feel really upset with myself at this point. my chairperson is working her butt off and straining her mind, trying not to blow her top off in front of everyone when handling everything and yet i am standing at the sidelines, helplessly trying to figure out what to do.

i really want this whole project to work out, but why does it seem as if we need a miracle to make this a success?

i'm going to have to think up of a way to bring the project up a notch, or else everyone'd be disappointed.

besides assignments, i have to brush up on my critical thinking. i noticed that i was getting slower and slower in terms of THINKING (no i am not entirely incapable of thinking... yet). sometimes in class i can't even catch up with what the lecturers are talking about in class. everyone's responding reflexes are as fast as a grasshopper's but i'm still struggling to catch up like a tortoise. eek!

got little bit of advice from mamie and also got myself a book or two to understand critical thinking better.

yes i know i'm a nerd like that. :P

this morning althea just noticed that i had a yellow string tied on my wrist. i find it absolutely amazing how she hadn't noticed the blessed string which i had on ever since May 10, 2009.

i think i caused a pretty big rise by posting about my getting a dress on my blog. now everyone's either trying to:

A) get me to post up a picture of myself in the dress on my blog or

B) get me to wear it to college one day.

but since i promised cindy i'd wear it to college for her to see, i will.

target for me during the next shopping experience with chowzerz: flats.

i am personally quite excited about it. :P

am thinking about getting a hair cut again. yes, another one.

most of my friends freaked out when i told them i was going to chop my hair again. i discovered this awesome cut on one of my new loves karla and totally fell in love with it. i've told quite a number of people about the haircut and showed them pictures of it. some of them were alright about it; but there are some who are totally against it.

it would take another amount of courage to pull this haircut off because as soon as i risk it, there's no turning back already. and the only way is to wait for a lifetime for it to grow back.

but like karla said: it's a change. change is good.

: )

kitchen sessions. dresses. flats. daring haircuts.

i think i'm slowly coming in terms with my "inner-lady-self".

tell me i'm not the only one who finds it exciting. : )))))

4 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

haha yes it is exciting. i started liking shopping more only after i became 17.took me awhile to get out of my tomboy stage. i love wearing flats: ) i wore out my flipflops so now i'm stuck with pretty shoes.hahah which isn't bad. i want to get more dresses and skirts hahaha. yeah it's weird, wanting to be girly and all. it's nice.but expensive!

tarotism said...

im lookiing forward to see you in a dress with your new hair style worh!!! :)


dawnn said...

ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KARLA'S CLOSET?! i remember that line: "it's a change, change is good." i am completely obsessed with that blog. well, not as much as some others but she's one of my favourites.i read it daily. i preferred her old hair, before the current one.

Michellious said...

dawnn - yes sweetie it's karla from karla's closet. she's just the awesomest. : )